What are the advantages of marble floor tiles - how about the price

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The texture of each marble floor tile is unique. Combining these patterns with different colors and sizes, it is simple and stylish, but also looks high-end. Although the price of marble floor tiles is diversified, it does not affect people's enthusiasm for purchasing, and they will still regard it as a must for home decoration. There are three types of marble floor tiles: A, B, and C. Type A belongs to high-grade, and the price will naturally be more expensive, such as medium white, large white, etc., which are mostly used indoors, such as living rooms and bedrooms. The natural beauty can be set off The luxurious temperament of the living room.

Class C is used for outdoor walkways or steps, and its strong and wear-resistant properties can last longer. Because there are no two identical marbles, the prices of marble floor tiles of different colors and different patterns will also vary greatly. For example, high-end fish belly white and Hermes gray can cost thousands or tens of thousands of square meters, while some varieties only cost tens to hundreds of yuan.

Among them, the "Foshan White" marble and Dahua white marble in Hezhou, Foshan are the most cost-effective ones. Marble floor tiles used in different scenes have different decorative effects and values. Applied in mid-to-high-end places such as hotels and KTVs, they pay more attention to light and atmosphere, and often need to be carefully designed and manufactured. It is suitable to choose non-slip white marble or gray marble.

If home decoration requires warmth and comfort, it would be more appropriate to choose warm colors, such as beige and white marble. The price of marble floor tiles with different processing techniques is also different. The pickled marble affects the surface ablation, making the surface uneven. The pickled surface marble effect can look more retro, and it has a good anti-slip effect after being laid! In addition, the decorative effect of marble floor tiles made by water jet mosaic cutting is very ornamental, because of the complicated process, the price will be more expensive.

Marble floor tiles are deeply loved by people for their rich decorative styles and advantages of being hard, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly. Integrating natural style into the living room and enjoying the fun of a relaxed and leisurely atmosphere at any time is no longer measured by price, but its value is incomparable.


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