Various styles of Foshan marble TV background wall effect case pictures


Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Various Styles Foshan White Marble TV Background Wall Effect Case Picture-MoCo Marble Tiles Interior decoration also has various problems. It is difficult to grasp the proportion of each interior decoration, as well as the choice of materials. The Foshan white marble TV background wall is perfectly integrated into the home decoration, with a stylish display, modern and comfortable space texture.

After careful research by the MoCo Marble Tiles design team, the installation effect of the final designed Foshan white marble background wall makes people feel clear and comfortable. Finally, as the main living environment of the family, it brings convenience to the more important life, removes many undesirable junk decorations, and presents a more dry and simple style. In 2020, indoor marble decoration materials are black, white and gray series, combined with European style, Chinese style and other decoration styles, presenting a dry texture with large color difference.

The flight window also has a small design, the shutters are open, and there is a little green gap in the middle, which is elegant and fresh. In some cases, if the wall texture is completely different from the interior, there may be a lot of sparks. With matching colors on the walls and inconsistent interior patterns, each space has its own identity.

Black, white and gray classic two-color kitchen, the space design is more natural, clean, clean and fashionable. As the center of the whole house, the living room deserves more attention. Therefore, the living room is often listed as the top priority by the owner, with careful design and selected materials.


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