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For many people who are new to the marble industry, when they hear the words "special-shaped stone" for the first time, they can't help wondering, what kind of stone is special-shaped stone? In fact, special-shaped stone does not refer to a specific stone. Broadly speaking, all stone products other than stone slabs (slabs) are defined as special-shaped stone. Special-shaped stone pictures Special-shaped stone plays different roles in our life, and there are generally many types, such as roadside stones, pillars, capitals, carvings, lines, steps, countertops, arches, window sills, door frames, stone benches, Stone tables, wash basins, car stop stones, etc. are all special-shaped stones. Knowing what is a special-shaped stone, then we have to understand: what is the special-shaped processing of stone.

As the literal meaning shows, the special-shaped processing of stone is the processing method of special-shaped processing of stone according to the needs of production and life. The range of abnormal shapes is very wide, or irregular shapes, waves, circles, arches, etc., as long as the shape is not square, they all belong to the category of abnormal shapes. Generally speaking, due to the profile of special-shaped stone, it requires a variety of patterns, such as flowers, arcs, column bases and column heads, etc. In some special processes, plane carving and three-dimensional carving are also required. And so on, so its process requirements are higher and more difficult than other simple stone processing.

However, its artistic beauty and good decorative effect are not available in stone processed by general crafts, so stone processed by special-shaped processing plays a pivotal role in various projects. At present, the processing technology of domestic special-shaped stone products has become mature, and there are a hundred flowers of special-shaped stone products in the building materials and home furnishing market. We can choose the finished products we like in the market according to our own needs, or find stone manufacturers to customize the ideal special-shaped stone for use in the market. Decorate the home. Article link source www.slfsy.com.


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