Types and Distribution Areas of Marble and Granite in Foshan

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Foshan marble and granite are mainly distributed in the eastern area of ​​Foshan. Foshan is rich in stone resources. Foshan Hezhou City is known as the "China's Granite Capital" and "China's Heavy Calcium Capital". At present, it is the largest granite production base in my country. The distribution of stone materials in various areas of Foshan is as follows: Hezhou-Pinggui District mainly deals in marble; Foshan White, Dahuabai, Snowflake White, Spray White, Earl Gray, and Bruce Gray Hezhou-Zhongshan County mainly deals in granite; Zhongshanqing, Maple Leaf Hongwuzhou City-Cenxi City is mainly engaged in granite; Maple Leaf Red, G4418 Wave White, Begonia Red, Pink Hemp, Dongfanghong, Sanbao Red, Sesame Gray Guilin City-Pingle County Mainly engaged in Granite; Pink Hemp, Sesame Ash, Guilin Red, Maple Leaf Guilin City-Guanyang County mainly sells red and wave white marble; black and white root, red dragon jade, wood grain yellow, and Cinderella Liuzhou City-Liujiang County mainly sells marble; red dragon jade, Cinderella, colorful cloud white, and brown mousse guests City-Xincheng County is mainly engaged in marble; Cinderella, Yinbailong, Black Binghua Hechi Municipality is mainly engaged in marble; Cinderella, Yundola Gray, Crystal Gray, Rust Gray is mainly engaged in granite in Wuzhou Municipality; Maple Leaf Red, Begonia Red, spray white, Sanbao red, pink hemp.


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