Treatment of mildew spots on hotel sink countertops

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Today, with the continuous and rapid development of the times, hotel decoration is always at the forefront of the times, and marble sink countertops have always been an indispensable trendy decoration choice for hotels, because the texture of marble sink countertops is natural and beautiful, especially the use of light-colored Foshan white marble The hand-washing countertop is both beautiful, durable and high-end. However, after a long period of use, even the excellent material of natural marble will produce mold and cause adverse effects. At this time, corresponding methods must be taken to eliminate the mold on the sink. Next, the editor will introduce to you the method of removing mold from marble countertops: 1. Finished product protection: pack up all the toiletries on the countertop, check whether the faucet, basin, and countertop are damaged; put floor mats at the door during construction , put on the shoe covers.

2. Cutting and blocking: Temporarily not allowing guests to stay in the room where the mildew is treated, to ensure that the washing table is clean and dry during the mildew treatment. 3. Dry grinding and cleaning: first use a No. 0 dry grinding disc to roughly open the surface of the stone, and use coarse sandpaper to manually sand the surface of the stone to let the water vapor inside the stone escape. 4. Humidity measurement: use a moisture meter to measure the humidity of the countertop, if it is lower than 10%, it can be used for construction.

5. Prescribe the right medicine: first apply the stone mold removal and decolorization agent on the surface of the stone, and then use a clean brush to gently press the place where the agent is applied. The applied agent should not bulge, and the place with rusty yellow should be applied with a rust remover. After the agent has reacted for 2-4 hours, observe whether the contaminated place of the stone is cleaned. If it is not cleaned up, apply the medicine again.

6. Remove the liquid medicine: After treating the mildew, use stone soap or water to remove the remaining medicine on the countertop. 7. Brushing protection: After the stone is cleaned and dried, apply stone protective agent to effectively control the occurrence of mold spots in later use. 8. Finally, according to the general process of stone care, carry out procedures such as sequential grinding and step-by-step polishing to restore the original gloss and decorative effect of the stone.

The editor here only introduces some common methods for removing mildew on marble countertops. Removing mildew will be treated according to the specific situation. As long as you find the right method, removing mold on the countertop is a problem.


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