Three methods to escort you to buy natural marble.

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

In modern life, in order to obtain a more high-end and atmospheric decorative effect in home decoration, people have begun to choose natural marble with exquisite texture and excellent material as decoration materials. It is not so easy to choose high-quality natural stone. It often costs a lot of money, but fails to buy the natural marble you like. So, when purchasing natural stone, what matters should we pay attention to and abide by those principles in order to buy economical and high-quality stone products? Blind choice will only lead you into a misunderstanding. Effect pictures of natural marble decoration examples The first point: economy.

When conditions permit, local materials should be obtained as much as possible to shorten the transportation distance, reduce labor intensity and reduce costs. The second point: strength and performance. The strength of stone is closely related to its durability, wear resistance, impact resistance and other properties.

Therefore, stone materials with sufficient strength should be selected according to the importance of the building and the environment in which the building is located to ensure the durability of the building. In addition, recently there have been composite plate products combining natural marble with plastic or aluminum in foreign countries, that is, foam polyester or aluminum honeycomb structure materials and glass fiber felts are bonded to the back of the marble sheet to form a light-weight, high-strength composite panel. , Composite panels with thermal insulation properties. The third point: decorative.

The natural marble used for building decoration must consider the coordination of its color and natural texture with the surrounding environment of the building when selecting it, so as to fully reflect the artistic beauty of the building. At present, the natural marble veneer panels used by countries all over the world generally have a standard thickness of 20 mm. However, some western countries also produce some with a thickness of 12 mm because of the decorative effect of some buildings using natural marble. 15mm natural stone slab. At the same time, in some countries and regions with developed stone processing industry, in order to adapt to the decorative effect of high-rise buildings, they pay great attention to the standard requirements of building materials. Slate, this kind of slate makes the building finish look extraordinarily beautiful after polishing and polishing, and also saves a lot of raw materials.

Therefore, when people buy natural marble for decoration, as long as they follow the above three principles, they can basically buy natural marble that is economical and has excellent materials.


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