Those who say that Foshan marble has low hardness have been buying it

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

I always hear from stone manufacturers that Foshan Hezhou white marble is not hard and easy to break. The reality is that the sales volume of Foshan white marble has exploded. So what is the hardness of Foshan white marble? Foshan Hezhou marble has always been sold at a low price, and is deeply loved by merchants all over the world. For those who say that Foshan white marble is brittle and of poor quality, you might as well come to Hezhou Marble Factory for a walk.

The current Foshan white stone is not afraid that it will not be sold at all. Compared with the price a few years ago, the price of white stone has increased. In the past, the customer selected the factory, but now the factory selects the customer. As the quality of the white stone mined in the mine is getting better and better, it often produces white marble grades (also called Foshan white marble). The current Foshan white marble is not 341 square meters. (except for the feet). The better white stones are more than one hundred and one square meters, and the better white stones are basically ordered by old customers once they are ground, so they are so sought-after.

Even if the price has increased, it can’t stop the merchants. Foshan white marble is still the king of white stone cost performance at the current stage. Compared with stone merchants; Hezhou white stone has the following advantages that I have to say: 1 small investment 2 small risk 3 high return 4 The factory policy is good, which ones are still considering the stone merchants of Hezhou Baishi, I want to tell you that you think Hezhou marble is not hard, the pattern is not good, or it is not easy to sell. But you don’t know how much Hezhou Baishi is exported abroad? Since foreign countries can accept the hardness of Foshan White, why can't China accept it? Isn't the international stone material standard higher than the domestic one? According to the survey of the stone market, in the second half of 2019 or in the next five years, white stone will still be the most popular variety among consumers. Various aspects can be considered in the selection of white stone, and on-site inspections can be made when necessary. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. has been focusing on Foshan white marble for 13 years, and has its own marble mine and marble processing factory.


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