Those little-known marble decoration secrets

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Marble decoration has been widely used in various industries due to its own characteristics. It is exquisitely combined with the sense of trendy design. It can not only embody the beauty of natural products, but also reflect the sharp mind of human beings. Every exquisite Marble decoration is the combination of nature and human wisdom! Every corner plays a key role in the decoration of a house, from every inch of the exterior wall to every corner of the interior turn is extremely critical! The beauty and practicality of marble decoration are inseparable from the perfect construction in the early stage. Before the decoration construction, the construction team needs to combine the design drawings with the actual size of the site to arrange and cut the materials for lofting work. The technicians of the stone processing factory should also assist the construction team in the lofting process, and negotiate and solve the lofting method and measurement means. In the surveying and mapping On the basis of processing drawings, it is necessary to review with the construction team on site before formal processing to ensure correctness. Stakeout personnel also have relatively high requirements for their own conditions. They not only need to have a considerable understanding of stone processing technology and mechanical drawing, but also have rich practical experience in stone installation.

Moreover, it is also required to have a certain degree of understanding or design ability in stone decoration design, and to be able to put forward some creative and reasonable suggestions that are helpful for production, processing and site construction. The stone installation plan must be clarified before the decoration construction; the dry hanging method and wet paste of the stone on the wall determine the size of the finished surface, and also determine the boundary line of the finished surface on the ground; noodle. The marble floor and the wall need to be combined for lofting. Generally, the wall is placed first, and then the ground. In order to ensure the decorative effect, the best materials should be used, and the lofting and typesetting effects should also be the best.

There are two installation methods: wet hanging and dry hanging. Wet hanging can save space and construction cost. Generally, small projects use more wet hanging; dry hanging takes up more space and costs more, but the decorative effect is guaranteed. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd., located in Pinggui Industrial Zone, Hezhou City, the capital of heavy calcium in China, has advanced production equipment and a professional design service team. It integrates Foshan white natural marble processing, design and marketing into one, with 18 kinds Process technology can meet the all-round needs of users in the field of decoration.

It is the stone of choice for many high-end places.


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