There are a few things you must know about home decoration marble decoration

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Because of its unique color, luminosity, and unique pattern, marble is deeply pursued by consumers. As the use of stone in interior decoration becomes more and more popular, marble decoration is also used more and more widely. With the improvement of living standards of people from all walks of life, marble was mostly used in villa decoration in the past. Natural marble is not only beautiful in the eyes of consumers, but also has a word "expensive". It needs to look good, and it needs to have face. Things you have to know about natural marble decoration; 1. The price of marble is lower than the decoration cost; natural marble has always been a representative of expensive in the eyes of consumers, but in fact, the price of natural marble itself is not very expensive, and the price of mid-end marble is also higher than Tile is only twice as expensive.

The labor cost of marble decoration is actually very high, because the marble decoration process is too complicated and takes a long time, which belongs to the kind of slow work and meticulous work. Especially dry hanging of marble, in addition to the steel and complicated processes, and there are fewer workers in the market who know the stone dry hanging process, they don't have to worry about not being able to find a job. Whoever gives the most money will do it. , the cost of a dry hanging is not 300 or 400, and there is no way to invite people. Moreover, the price of mid-range marble is only about 200 to 300. much profit. 2. Marble decoration workers must have experience; if you just find a few masters who have pasted tiles to install marble, it is definitely a wrong choice. There are many taboos in marble decoration. If there are no experienced masters to install, it may cause many question.

For example; water spots, anti-alkali, rust, unevenness, damage and so on. The natural marble decoration period is relatively long. If the project decoration or demand is relatively large, it is recommended to order directly from the manufacturer. The price is more advantageous, and workers can be found locally. Now manufacturers do not only sell semi-finished products as before. In order to meet the requirements of more customers, modern large-scale factories can generally customize engineering panels or marble furniture with finished specifications.

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