The washbasin designed by Foshan Marble is full of natural interest

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

In daily life, whether at home, or in hotels, offices, shopping malls, sinks, office buildings and other places, the sink not only plays the role of washing hands and cleaning, but also a place where everyone can organize their appearance well. There are many times when individuals deal with the sink every day. So, a simple, stylish and interesting sink will bring a good mood to everyone who uses it? Today, the editor will tell you how fashionable and pleasant the sink designed with natural marble Foshan White can be. White marble sink The sink can be a hidden corner, and marble application can also be a finishing touch in the home. The pool designed and built by Foshan White is integrated with the entire wall, and a mirror is used to highlight the function here, so that people can easily find the location of the sink.

The small space cannot accommodate too many decorations, and every place is both practical and beautiful. The design of the faucet can be like a solidified water column, the water droplets at the front end seem to fall, and the wall lamp is an origami parrot resting on the metal crossbar. The small space is full of fun. The stone with its own texture always has a special charm. The black and white texture of Foshan white marble is like the tumbling waves and whirlpools on the turbulent sea, and it is also like the vast starry sky, which brings endless associations.

The wall surface is made of natural stone with a rough texture, which always has a natural and simple temperament. It is also a simple style with a black marble sink. When retro elements such as brass and tiles collide with the mottled walls, there is a sigh of time passing.

If the bathroom wants to stand out, there are many places where you can make a fuss. For example, the decoration of the wall and the choice of the ceiling. The three-dimensional decoration is collaged by engraving-like patterns, and the simple graphics are repeating and changing, just like the original tribal totem.

Stone material is inherently extravagant, and a crystal lamp brings a sense of luxury to the whole space. On the white wall, the shadows refracted by the light through the chandelier are like a kaleidoscope, bringing light and shadow effects. Strictly symmetrical pictures have a kind of nobility and majesty.

The elegant and distinctive washbasin makes you feel like you are in a natural environment. Black and white are the low-key background colors. The long mirror reflects the green hills behind you, as if you are embraced by the mountains. , Finally, I would like to remind everyone that although the sink is good, you should also pay attention to saving water! .


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