The unique warmth of natural marble makes the interior decoration close to nature

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

In urban life, for the convenience of work and life, it has become a common phenomenon to buy housing in urban communities built by developers. After purchasing a house that you like, it is followed by the purchase of rough housing. As for the decoration problem, house decoration is actually a very simple matter, just like writing an essay in elementary school, as long as you determine the topic outline and the style and theme of the decoration, you can decorate the rough house according to your own wishes. Marble decoration renderings The living room in commercial housing is not too big, you can use warm natural marble, with comfortable and soft leather sofa, wooden herringbone floor, so that the space is extraordinarily comfortable, not depressing, giving people a very relaxed and tidy feeling. The restaurant uses a black round dining table, chandelier, and black teak rattan chairs to make the space look vivid and natural without a trace of rigidity and coldness. It allows the dark place to be darkened and enhances the brightness and cleanliness of the living room area.

The top surface of the wall is finished with artistic paint, and the sideboard is also a similar color grille door panel, which echoes the back of the sofa. Ocher color hand-painted oil painting adds a touch of color to the pure space, and it is well integrated with magnetic track lights. Sabi aesthetics and minimalism. The study, it is small, without flowers; it is simple, you can study and work quietly; it is independent, close the door, no matter how much noise it has, it has nothing to do with me. The wardrobe in the bedroom did not follow the conventional practice, and Changhong glass partition was added to ensure the lighting of the study room and make the wardrobe layered.

The bedroom is supposed to be a place to relax, without using too many complicated materials, stone embellishments, the same art paint as the living room, electric curtains, fabric beds, cotton and linen bedding, so that all visible places Can give people a relaxed and comfortable form. Use natural stone marble for home decoration. Different natural marble has its own characteristics and shapes. It's like bringing nature into your own home, so that the occupants can relax physically and mentally only indoors, as if they are in nature.


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