The stories that marble and villas have to tell

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The times are developing rapidly and changing with each passing day. Our requirements for home decoration are also constantly changing. The only constant is the pursuit of quality life. An elegant villa dedicated to individuals is the ultimate dream of many people. If you want to create a high-end atmosphere and an elegant villa suitable for your own preferences, you need to learn about the style of the villa and the selection and use of architectural stone marble.

Marble villa decoration renderings 1. Villa decoration style introduction: 1. Modern minimalist style, that is, all decoration details are relatively simple, which makes the vision very atmospheric and not monotonous, and can also create a warm, comfortable and solemn interior effect. The simple line shape and the lighting decoration make the space more perfect and full. 2. European style: the main tone is white, and the main materials are plaster lines, marble, glass, wallpaper, etc.

Showing the characteristics of European style, the shape of the unique European-style door cover and window cover can reflect the European and American style, and it can also reflect the symbol of the owner's identity, and it is combined with the later European-style furniture to set off the space. 3. Classical style: This refers to luxury and elegance. Through the perfect classic lines and refined details, the decoration shows the classic beauty. For example, the graphics of the fireplace and pillars show the European classical style. Adding gold to the color and deep red wood make the space Protruding elegant and rich. 4. The modern minimalist style design first adopts a sense of simple lines in its appearance, and the selected materials also use a large number of new materials such as glass and stainless steel as auxiliary materials for furniture manufacturing.

Being able to bring avant-garde, bright and simple style is the life attitude of modern young people, and it is also the main body of fashion. 5. Chinese style: Chinese style is the home style in ancient my country. This shape is mainly based on Ming and Qing furniture.

For example: table, coffee table, lines, calligraphy and painting and other materials to create an atmosphere. However, the main color of the material is black and dark mahogany, which set off the atmosphere in the room and highlight the connotation of classical furniture. 2. After determining the decoration style of the villa, pay attention to the following points when purchasing marble: 1. Choose according to the determined decoration style Whether the style, processing shape and color of the stone match the overall space style. 2. Determine the parts that need stone.

The places where stone can be used are basically divided into three major surfaces: walls, floors, and independent shapes. The wall is divided into the whole, local decoration, corner mouth line, skirting line and so on. The ground is divided into large-area ground, stair treads, wave lines, parquet, door stones, etc.

Independent modeling mainly specifies various components, such as fireplaces and stone furniture. The marble styles, processing techniques and construction techniques selected for different parts are different. Stone merchants can see many samples, and each part has many styles to choose from.

3. Material selection. After the decoration style and location are determined, it is time to choose materials! Due to some of the characteristics of natural stone, you must pay attention to factors such as color difference, texture, strength, and corrosion resistance when purchasing. For example, some marbles are suitable for large-area use, and some are suitable for local embellishment.


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