The paving of marble and the application effect of white marble

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Marble paving requires careful and strict planning, precise and ingenious design, and safety-standard construction in order to make home decoration even better and create a warm home atmosphere. The surface texture of natural marble is naturally formed, with strong randomness. You can choose the method of cutting and mixing. The more attractive it is, the higher the appreciation. Dot-matrix paving on the ground, the effect of paving is a bit like a starry sky, with many sporadic embellishments. It is more suitable to use white marble as the background color, and then use gray marble as the embellishment, which will appear particularly layered.

Choosing I-shaped paving in the living room can make the whole living room look more tidy. A piece of fine white Foshan white marble and golden metal table legs can create a noble and fashionable white marble coffee table, showing Light luxury style. It can echo well with the blues gray landscape painting marble TV wall. The shower area of ​​the bathroom is made of marble base, and the two-color front paving is selected. The Earl gray marble and Guangxi white marble are used for paving. The texture of gray and white can appear simple and unified.

It will also look particularly stylish, very neat and beautiful. After the marble is paved and pasted, it needs to be treated with a special stone curing agent for waterproof and anti-seepage, and it should not be exposed to people within 2 to 3 days. Common stone maintenance methods include stone renovation, crystal surface treatment, waxing, etc., and choose different maintenance methods according to the needs of the site.


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