The origin and price of the ancient castle gray marble

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The origin and price of ancient castle gray marble Yiping ancient castle gray marble mining area comes from Tongren City and Shiqian County, Guizhou Province. Elegant, sand-sawed slabs become crystal luster after polishing, and are often used for laying floor tiles in large areas. Castle Gray Marble Properties Compression resistance 168.6MPA Bending resistance 14MPA Water absorption 0.15% Color Gray place of origin Guizhou Tongren pattern light gray bottom white lightning pattern layout characteristics are rare in marble products at home and abroad, fine material, good luminosity, Texture is clear, but the color and texture are unstable Indoor floor washstand bathroom, cylinder, stair steps, pillars, fireplace, stair railing, stone carving handicrafts and other large slab reference price 170-260 yuan / square meter Generally speaking, the castle gray The price is not high, because the pattern is relatively small, and the board surface is relatively uniform. It belongs to light gray marble, and the decoration effect is warm. It is very suitable for home decoration floor tiles and stair treads. Nowadays, there are also many tiles with anti-castle gray boards. Although the price of tiles is cheaper and the installation is convenient, but the pursuit of high-end villa decoration needs is basically custom-made for the whole house.

In addition to the castle gray, there are other gray marbles such as Cartier gray, Bruce gray, Yabo gray, wood grain gray, fat man gray, Altman, earl gray, evening cloud gray, Yundola gray, Italian gray and so on.


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