The origin and price of snowflake white marble

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The origin and price of snowflake white marble is one level. Snowflake white marble is produced in Tuscany, Italy. The main component is calcium carbonate, which is a kind of dolomite. It belongs to imported stone, the English name is Snow Flake White, the compressive strength is 75.3MPA, the flexural strength is 9.2MPA, the rock density is 2.7g/cm3, and the water absorption rate is 0.92%. It is a good indoor high-end decoration, component, sculpture material. From the compressive strength, it can be concluded that the texture of snowflake white marble is soft, the surface of the board is easier to scratch, and the requirements for transportation are higher. Basically, it needs to be protected by a back net.

The background color of snowflake white marble is very white, with good luminosity. After grinding and polishing, the glossiness reaches 120 degrees. three-dimensional sense. Snowflake white crystal particles are smaller and finer, and are easier to process for engraving. It is mainly used in the interior decoration of high-end places, such as the spiral staircase in the hotel lobby and the interior wall decoration.

How much is snowflake white marble? It reaches about 1,000 yuan per level. Snowflake White already belongs to the high-end decorative stone. Snowflake White is imported after all, and its price is more expensive. So what dolomite in our country is similar to Snowflake White? 1. Baoxing White Marble 2. Foshan White Marble 3. Oriental White Marble 4. Domestic Crystal White Marble 5. White Marble Marble Suggestions; Carving materials can be white marble, which has the advantage of less impurities. The opposite sex of the railings can be Foshan white, engineering decoration Choose Foshan white, Foshan white has the advantage of low price 80-160 yuan per level.


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