The natural marble door cover is magnificent, beautiful and durable, and it is the high-quality choice for your decoration.

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With the improvement of modern people's living standards and better economic conditions, people now have higher and higher requirements for decoration. They always want to decorate their homes more beautifully and increase the comfort of life. Therefore, every part The selection of decoration materials is very demanding. In pursuit of style, many friends use marble door covers. Below, the editor will introduce the relevant knowledge of marble door covers for you.

Decoration example pictures of natural marble door casings Natural marble door casings are durable and beautiful. After years of baptism, it can maintain a brand new luster. It is the best choice for high-end villas, high-end hotels, and large shopping malls. ‍The natural marble door and window cover is mainly composed of marble lines and lock stones in different styles. The marble door and window cover can be said to be a work of art. It not only decorates the building itself, but also echoes the wall decoration, creating a unique look for your house. temperament.

Marble door cover installation measurement 1. Marble door and window cover installation requirements 1. The type, size, performance and grade of the stone used for the wall should meet the national standards. 2. Marble wall color, facade, partition, pattern, pattern and pattern should meet the requirements. 3. The number, depth, position, and size of stone holes and grooves should meet the design requirements, and cracks, missing edges, and collapsed corners are not allowed.

4. The process of dry hanging parts on the wall should comply with national regulations. 5. Stone surfaces and joints should meet the design requirements. 6. The stone surface (six sides) needs to be protected by alkali and waterproof.

2. Basic measurement of marble door cover and window cover The measurement method of door cover and window cover is basically the same. First, find out whether there is any thick decorative material on the wall. Measure the width of the side panels. Some people ask why we don't wait until the decoration materials on the wall are installed before we measure the width of the side panels. Isn't that the safest way?

There will be no such good things, forget it. Therefore, this requires that the technicians in our stone factory must have comprehensive qualities, be able to have a certain understanding of other types of work in the decoration industry, especially woodworking techniques, and be able to meet the requirements of providing woodworking construction drawings for stone installation. Therefore, the width of the side panel of the door and window cover must be carefully considered and repeatedly deliberated.

Here, I will talk about the influence of two different stone construction methods on the width and height of the side panels and their corresponding measurement methods. 1. The door cover line presses the side panel. At this time, the width of the inner panel is the thickness of the wall and the distance between the openings on both sides. If there are other materials, add the thickness of the material. Measure the width of the side panels.

When installing stone materials, marble glue and structural glue are required, and the distance between the glue ports is not fixed, and it is generally considered that 6mm is enough. The height of the side panel is obtained by subtracting the thickness of the top panel and the glue opening from the height of the door opening itself. The width of the top plate is the same as that of the side plates, and the length of the top plate is not the distance between the two side plates, but the distance between the two side plates, plus the thickness of the two side plates.

Because the top plate builds up on the side panels, it's not just glued on. This way is more solid. 2. The door casing line and the inner panel are in contact at a 45-degree angle. After fully understanding the first situation, we can easily understand this method.

At this time, the width of the side panel is the width of the first type of side panel plus the thickness of the two side panels. In the same way, the height of the side panels is the height of the first type of side panels plus the thickness of the two side panels. It has to be said that the second processing and installation method is more popular now.

Because the first door pocket is to press the side panel, so the gap between them remains on the front of the side panel, and the side panel damages the edge of the board during cutting and transportation, which is usually called collapse, so the door The sleeves and side panels cannot be tightly sewn, and this gap is not very beautiful. Although the second method also has edge damage, because of the 45-degree joint angle, the gap is left at an oblique 45-degree position that is not easy to be found, and the seam is beautifully repaired with marble glue. It's also easier to handle. And it reflects the higher production process standards of the stone factory.

This will undoubtedly add a good impression to customers. Facing the arches and windows, how to determine the radian? The error in the construction determines that this arc is definitely not a standard arc. The first method is simple, strong and effective. We treat it as a standard arc to place an order for production, and then destroy the non-standard parts during construction and rebuild.

This must rely on your eloquence to persuade the owner to agree with you to do it this way. Others said, I can make a mold, but this is not a good way, because it is too limited, and sometimes I can’t find anything suitable as a template, and it is unrealistic to think that everyone can make a template. I generally prefer to use a single construction line, anchoring the line at both ends of the arc.

Then measure the distance from the line to the arc every fixed distance on the line, and make a record. After returning, combined with CAD drawing, draw a radian that is more in line with the situation on site. Combined with water jet, the error is minimized.

Generally, when making arc side panels, limited to the thickness of the material, we use multiple squares to splice arcs. Tell me from experience, I will use small pieces of stone with a width of four centimeters to splice arc panels. The seemingly inconspicuous door opening in the home decoration can reveal the elegant taste of the head of the household inadvertently! The real home decoration mansion is also in the unknown. There are many shapes of door openings, such as round, arched, right-angled door openings, etc., and there are also some unique door openings.

‍Appropriate door opening shapes can make the walls vivid and beautiful, distinguish the space well, clarify the furniture structure, and make the indoor family look orderly. Even the design of small door pockets can play with big patterns. Next, let us learn about some classic shapes and cases of marble pass door casings installed in different places! Living room marble door cover stone door and window cover commonly used stone: Foshan white marble granite limestone travertine sandstone jade and other marble door cover effect is very high-end atmosphere, compared with other products, the gloss of marble is very natural, and the performance is relatively stable, even if used It will not lose luster or scratch easily for many years, so the application range of marble is very wide at present. What should I pay attention to when installing marble door covers? First of all, the size and grade of marble door covers must meet the national standards, so as to ensure the quality of the door covers.

Marble door covers are not allowed to have problems such as cracking, missing edges and sagging feet, which will affect the aesthetics, and secondly, it will also affect the installation and later use. Secondly, the marble door cover will involve the dry hanging process during the installation process. Marble door cover installation must also ask a professional installer.

In addition, the surface of the marble door cover needs to be treated with alkali protection and waterproofing. ‍ Elevator marble door cover There are many kinds of materials for elevator door cover, but the most durable and high-end one is natural stone. Natural stone has a lot of choices whether it is texture or color.

Whether it is decorated at home or in the company, it is a very good choice. The stone elevator door cover is not only strong, but also very durable in the environment with large temperature difference between day and night, and will not be deformed due to frequent temperature changes. How can the natural marble door covers with the above advantages not be loved by consumers.


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