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The TV background wall is the key point of the living room decoration, and the choice of marble as the TV wall can quickly improve the grade of the home, like a natural and unique artwork, and become the visual focus of the entire living room. Nowadays, under the decoration trend of pursuing mid-to-high-end, gorgeous, healthy, and environmental-friendly life quality, more and more people prefer to use marble to decorate their new homes. So what should you pay attention to when choosing a marble background wall? Let's follow along with the editor to find out.

Part1: Prepare the main points of marble material selection and decoration planning in the early stage. Use marble as the TV background wall. Careful friends should plan the overall decoration style in advance, which is mainly reflected in the space size planning, color style planning, and surface treatment planning of the background wall. . 1. Space size planning When designing and planning, we must first consider the space size of the TV background wall, which can be determined according to the size of the TV and the size of the overall space. In terms of the size of the marble, 80 cm slabs are usually used for assembly, which is easier to transport and install, but some owners choose a whole large slab.

2. Selection of material and color There are many kinds of marble, and the colors and textures are ever-changing. Dark marbles such as black and brown are noble and majestic, while light colors such as white and beige are warm and full. There are simple and neat patterns that follow the elegant route, and there are also sharp and prominent patterns that bring a strong impact.

However, it should be noted that no matter how you choose, the first principle is that the overall collocation should be appropriate. 3. Design and planning of surface treatment The glossy surface, especially the black marble, will destroy the overall visual effect once it reflects light, and make people feel dazzling and uncomfortable. Therefore, today's mainstream products are mainly non-glossy designs that do not cause light pollution. In addition, when designing the spotlights on the TV wall, we should also pay attention to the problem of reflection. A small amount of spotlights can make the room "brilliant" through reflection.

4. Wiring planning in advance. Marble is used as the background wall, which is environmentally friendly and durable. However, it is very troublesome to disassemble due to the use of special adhesive for paving and fixing. Therefore, when planning the decoration, it is necessary to plan the circuit layout as clearly as possible according to the placed home appliances, so as to avoid the embarrassment of finding that the wires are still exposed after moving in. Part2: Construction steps Introduction to the construction method of the marble background wall After the decoration plan is completed, the construction method will be introduced below.

The natural marble material is generally thicker, and the double insurance installation method is generally adopted to ensure safety. That is to say, connect the board to the base frame first, and then add glue to reinforce it. 1. Grass-roots treatment To install the background wall, the first step is to carry out the grass-roots treatment of the wall.

The base wall surface must be cleaned without floating soil or dust, level it and apply a moisture-proof layer. 2. Installation and fixing of the keel For thick marble slabs, the use of steel keels can reduce the impact of the stone slab on the wall and improve the overall earthquake resistance. According to the plan drawing, drill holes on the wall to embed the fixing parts, weld the keel to the wall fixing parts, and then weld the keel to the support frame. It is required that the keel should be installed firmly and be flat with the wall.

3. Marble slab installation In the stone installation, the overall horizontal line and vertical control line should be pulled well. The stone slab must be installed on the support frame. First fix the lower part of the marble slab and drill holes, insert the support frame pendant, fine-tune and lock, then fix the upper part and side of the stone, and finally connect the vacant anchoring agent to strengthen the plate. 4. Stone slab caulking process After the marble slab is installed, the gap between the slabs is bonded.

First clean up the dust and impurities in the cracks, fill the gaps with foam strips, and stick tape paper on the edge of the board to prevent the glue from polluting the marble surface. After glueing, the glue joints should be smooth and straight. Part3: Perfection Look at the precautions for the construction of the marble background wall Note that the construction of the marble background wall must be strictly carried out according to the decoration plan. To create a beautiful TV wall, you need to pay careful attention to the following items. First, the construction requirements of the marble TV wall The production of the marble background wall is made after the completion of the woodwork and the marble decoration.

After the marble installation is completed, paint construction is carried out. During installation, the walls are required to be dry, and the construction environment should not have wind blowing. The construction is carried out according to the organizational plan and strictly controlled. 2. Matters needing attention in marble installation According to the setting-out and pulling control line of the stone, determine the horizontal and vertical lines of the stone and other data.

Stone grooves should be drilled according to the standard spacing of the hanger position, and the groove depth should be determined according to the length of the T-shaped plate. 3. Matters needing attention in caulking construction Caulking construction must be carried out carefully, especially when pasting tape paper, the tape paper is not allowed to have an opening, so as not to seep into the stone surface when glue is applied. After applying the glue, when the glue dries quickly, clean up the tape paper.

4. Construction and maintenance of marble background wall Marble will have some bumps more or less in the process of cutting, handling, construction, etc., and there will also be natural defects. The maintenance of the wall, the repair of the marble defects, and the waterproofing treatment, etc. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. has its own mine and has been engaged in the stone industry for 12 years. It integrates marble mining, processing and deep processing. The company has passed the national quality management system and environmental management system certification, and has established a complete quality management system and technological innovation. mechanism. MoCo Marble Tiles national consultation hotline: 18978408396.


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