The elegance of marble in the home decoration industry

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Marble plays a vital role in the entire villa decoration. It is one of the grade standards to measure a villa, and it is widely used. It is an excellent material for home decoration. Marble occupies the throne in home decoration. The unique texture and texture create a luxurious space unmatched by other materials. There may be many irregular details in the process of stone installation and application. As the saying goes, a good "stone" is matched with a good "safety", so that the decorative effect of the stone can be well displayed. Let's take a look at the experience of stone installation: 1. The limited space of the site cannot realize the area stone pre-arrangement, and the stone texture that appears is not right. In the above situation, the texture of the large slabs does not match. At this time, before the stone is placed on the wall in a large area, the stone of the entire wall must be unpacked for comparison and typesetting on the spot. Consciously buckle and hang the stone materials, and never allow the stone materials to be placed on the wall before discovering a large area of ​​mismatched and disordered lines.

2. Reverse hanging stone on the ceiling: 1. If the surface of the stone exceeds 1.2 meters, it needs to be treated with a square hole on the back and an angle iron. 2. Screws should be installed on the contact between the pendant and the ceiling steel frame and then fully welded. 3. Stones with a width of more than 400 must be fixed by double-row pendants. For example, if a stone of 1.2 meters is fixed, the hanging points must be calculated as 3 points and double-rows.

3. Stone dry-hanging components, all freshly hung stones must be added with steel components, and the pendants at the stone slots where the rigid structure pendants contact the stone must extend into the stone. For vertical and horizontal installation, if it is due to the stone itself, the person in charge must be notified, and it will be decided whether to return to the factory according to the situation. 5. The start-up point of the stone background, it is a taboo to start the switch in the middle of the stone line. All stone and electromechanical bottom boxes must be opened on the stone surface and must be confirmed by the relevant person in charge before opening. The position of the box can be constructed at will, as shown in the figure. 6. The joint between the stone and the ceiling, and the contact between the stone and the ceiling must be protected by masking paper to avoid unnecessary waste caused by secondary maintenance.

7. Stone grinding will cause damage. When finishing stone and stone lapping treatment, water mill must be used for grinding treatment, and scar effect is absolutely not allowed. The construction personnel kept repeating the marble workmanship, constantly improving the defects of the whole project, and finally presented a beautiful building. Article link source


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