The dynamic texture of natural marble opens up endless possibilities

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Natural marble has gone through hundreds of millions of years of geological changes, and the texture of the stone is varied and colorful, creating beautiful scenery for human beings. The beauty of stone comes from its irregular colors and textures, and uniformity has never been its style. Each of their different traces bears the traces of the evolution of nature, and all have extraordinary pasts, either magnificent; or violent; or quiet, but they are by no means flawed.

Natural stone is just like the unpredictable clouds, with dynamic textures formed naturally over hundreds of millions of years, like a flying dragon, roaring high and roaring; like a dragon jumping into the sea, stirring up turbulent waves. Look at the texture of natural stone, if you look at an ethereal landscape painting, it is so beautiful! The texture of the stone is like the trend of "the wind and rain in Zhongshan is pale and yellow", as if a violent storm swept the earth, and the movement is more intense. The heart of seeing fluctuates, blending into the picture, and sighing at the uncanny workmanship of nature, which cannot be painted by Danqing's master.

Natural marble decoration renderings Stone has various textures, and there are countless stones with this dynamic texture, which cannot be replaced and surpassed by any decorative material. But I don't know when the word color difference has been hooked on stone. Many people think that color difference, color spots, and color lines are all synonymous with poor quality. But is this really the case? Chromatic aberration is precisely a gift from nature to human beings. Today, we will discuss it.

Among these materials, we often use natural marble. When we deliver marble soft furnishings to customers, we often encounter the following problems: ① color difference ② cracks ③ nodules, blisters, holes ④ color spots and color lines: stripes, bands or stripes that are inconsistent with basic colors and patterns Porphyritic material is a natural creation, eclectic. Natural stone is formed in the natural environment after at least hundreds of millions of years of complex physical and chemical changes, coupled with the evolution of geological movements. As the saying goes: There are no two identical leaves in the world, and likewise, there are no two identical stones in the world.

In fact, since consumers choose stone, it largely shows that they like natural things. But at this time, we have to use artificial standards to demand natural creations. Isn't this contradictory? Moreover, color difference is not only a defect, but is often an important factor in creating classics. Seeing these classic buildings, do you have any doubts: Why is there a standard for measuring the quality of stone by color difference? And who is rejecting the color difference? Is it the consumers? The main consumers in the future market will be the post-80s and post-90s who are impacted by modern thinking and aesthetics.

They are no longer obsessed with symmetry and unity, but a generation of individuality. Therefore, in their eyes, chromatic aberration is not a defect and a defective product, but an alternative style and unexpected surprise. Is it a designer? Some people say that color difference stone typesetting is troublesome, so designers don’t like to use it, which will be slapped in the face by designers every minute.

How do different stone materials reflect the designer's level, and how can designers abolish their martial arts? Is it the buyer? Although the buyer is the final picker, they have no reason to reject the color difference, because if consumers and designers are both If the color difference stone can be accepted, why bother the buyer to make trouble for himself, picking a board is not an easy job. Is it the stone people themselves? Besides, the stone people themselves, just one, is enough to make them the group who most hope that the color difference will be accepted. cost! You must know that they were all bought with real money, because the increase in cost caused by the color difference definitely made them "distressed" and "painful".

Seeing this, you will find that no one is the mastermind, but the color difference of stone texture has long been regarded as a defect and a defective product. But fortunately, more and more stone color difference projects are conveying a message: stone texture color difference can create a classic, and it is also the most timeless decoration trend. The texture and color difference of natural marble show the charm of marble to the greatest extent, the natural "texture color difference".

Natural creations are eclectic. Nature will not create natural stone according to people's requirements. Materials are the basis of design. The designer connects various elements in series to give the space more temperament and taste. For designers with experience and independent thinking ability, stone color difference is a "treasure".


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