The difference between marble and granite


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Marble and granite are both stone materials, and both have patterns. Many consumers often cannot tell the difference between the two. Usually marble is used indoors and granite is used outdoors. In a broad sense, those with texture are called marble, and those with spots are called granite.

Granite refers to a magmatic rock that has a decorative function and can be smoothed and polished, with quartz, feldspar and mica as the main components. Granite is a rock with a fully crystalline structure. High-quality granite has fine and uniform crystal grains, compact structure, high quartz content, bright feldspar, and hard and dense rock quality. The color lines and stains in the stone are formed by the local enrichment of certain minerals or the enveloping surface of other minerals during the formation of the rock or in the later action.

Except for a few applications that require colored lines and spots, it will appear as a defect at other times. In decoration, it will also affect its decorative effect. Therefore, whether there is a color line is also a way to distinguish whether it is granite.

In terms of color lines and spots. In terms of radioactivity, the radioactivity of granite is more harmful to the human body than marble. The color temperature of granite makes people feel colder and harder, more wear-resistant, and the tone is brighter. After polishing, the finish is higher than that of marble and generally has no lines. It has the characteristics of uniform distribution of crystalline particles, and is not easy to weather and deteriorate. It is more suitable for outdoor balconies and courtyards in home decoration, so it can only be used outdoors. Marble refers to a carbonate rock that has a decorative function and can be smoothed and polished.

Granular crystal, relatively high gloss. But its composition is hydrochloride, and its hardness is small. The organizational structure is uniform, the linear expansion coefficient is extremely small, the internal stress completely disappears, and there is no deformation.

It does not need to be oiled, it is not easy to stick to dust, the maintenance is convenient and simple, and the service life is long. There will be no scratches, it will not be hindered by constant temperature conditions, and it can maintain its original physical properties at room temperature. Therefore, it is not acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, or wear-resistant, and is not suitable for decorating outdoor walls and floors.

The texture of marble is relatively better-looking, so it is used more indoors.


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