The classification of decorative stone varieties is not complete-comparison with the quality of stone


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Classification of Decorative Stone Varieties-Comparison of Different Stone Quality-MoCo Marble Tiles At present, there are more than one thousand kinds of natural stones on the market. But from the way of stone formation, we divide natural stone into marble, granite, slate, sandstone and so on. Granite originated from volcanic eruptions, crystallized and solidified into uniformly colored granular, crystalline stone.

After relatively hard combustion of magma, it has a high compressive strength ratio and bending strength. It has the highest hardness among many stone materials and the longest service life. It is often used for outdoor decoration. Marble comes from sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock. It is characterized by high density and beautiful color. After polishing, it shines into the mirror. Marble has stripes and patterns of various colors, showing an elegant and beautiful background color. It is used in high-end buildings and star hotel halls , TV background wall, etc. Marble has lower strength than granite, so it is often used for interior decoration.

Slate is formed by metamorphic rock and sedimentary rock mixed with sandstone, soil and other acidic limestone metamorphism. It is characterized by high wear resistance. It is often used for grooves in bathroom floors, and can also be used for outdoor walls and garden landscapes. Slate is most favored by dealers because it is easy to process, does not require large cutting equipment, and has the least investment cost. Different stone materials can be selected according to different use scenarios; 1. Outdoor decoration; analyze from the aspects of relatively harsh environment, weather influence, harmful substance influence, wind load influence, etc.

High-strength granite products are selected as general interior decoration materials. According to the scene, the application of stone is divided into external application and content application. 2. Interior decoration; we mainly pursue beauty and creativity, gorgeous and simple effects.

Therefore, marble and slate products are the mainstream choices. Kitchen countertops can use granite or quartz stone with high temperature resistance. There are mainly the following points in the detection performance of stone; the quality of stone is mainly manifested in the physical and mechanical properties of stone, including water absorption, bulk density, dry compressive strength, and flexural strength.

Generally speaking, stones are small in size and have a high absorption rate. The appearance material of stone is loose, and its essential defect is the porosity of the material. It is easy to inhale various impurities and dirt when using it.

The early damaged stone has low compressive strength and flexural strength, which not only cannot meet the design and use requirements, but also faces serious engineering risks. Therefore, after extracting specific stone materials, it is particularly important to conduct a physical performance test in a qualified quality inspection department for the dry stone materials of the external wall. According to different uses, the evaluation indicators of stone quality include wear resistance, antifreeze liquid (change in compressive strength after freeze-thaw cycles), hardness, shear strength and chemical composition content.

When stone is used as a ground decoration material, attention should also be paid to the hardness and wear resistance indicators.


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