The city of granite tells you which is more environmentally friendly, artificial stone or natural stone

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Which is more environmentally friendly, artificial stone or natural stone, needs to be looked at from different angles. Commonly used artificial stones on the market include granite, quartz stone, and terrazzo, while natural stones include marble and granite. Artificial stone and natural stone use the scene and physical characteristics to compare the environmental performance of stone. Granite Granite, also called artificial marble, is a new type of artificial marble material, which is synthesized by high-temperature curing of marble chips, powder, and resin.

It has the characteristics of convenient cutting, seamless butt joint, low price, and any variety of marble slabs can be customized. Once launched, it is highly sought after by the market. Effective treatment of marble and crushed stones, effective use of resources, is an environmentally friendly ecological granite, which belongs to Class A stone, and can be used for interior decoration. Granite is not used outdoors or in the kitchen. It is easily deformed and discolored by sunlight and moisture, and its service life is not long.

Natural Stone Natural stone includes natural marble and granite. Natural marble and granite are both mineral resources and are environmentally friendly materials. Compared with artificial stone, natural stone has the characteristics of no deformation, discoloration, and long service life. The price is much more expensive than artificial stone. Foshan white marble natural marble Foshan white-yellow pattern natural marble artificial granite is more environmentally friendly Artificial ecological granite is a trend. The formation factors of stone ore in my country are more cumbersome to mine, the stone finished product rate is low, and there are more marble fragments. Artificial granite This part of the scrap is well digested. At present; the largest artificial granite base in Asia is located in Hezhou City, Foshan, mainly using Foshan white marble crushed and powder as raw materials.


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