The charm of polished marble and matters needing attention

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Nowadays, marble is used in almost every family, and it is loved by owners for its natural material, beautiful texture and fine texture. Among them, the marble with polished surface is the representative. Polished surface refers to high reflectivity, smooth surface, and even close to mirror effect. Polished surface is a commonly used surface technology for marble, which can present the natural texture of marble! The effect is very atmospheric and classy.

Polished marble decoration renderings Realistically speaking, stone smooth products can indeed create magnificent and radiant decorative effects, and even some high-end shopping malls, hotels, high-end office buildings, and family fine-decorated residential projects are disliked by stone manufacturers. The luminosity of the stone is not enough, and the luminosity of the stone surface is further improved through the process of making the crystal surface, and the effect of the luminosity of the stone product is improved. However, the better the luminosity of the stone surface and the smoother the surface, the lower the friction of the stone surface, and people are more likely to fall when walking on a smoother surface, especially in wet weather, rainy weather, and smoother surfaces. It is easy to cause people to fall and hide hidden safety hazards. Walking on the wet and slippery smooth stone surface is like walking on ice in winter. A little carelessness may cause falls, falls, and accidents, especially for the elderly, children, and patients. Such accidents are more likely to occur. Although there are no clear regulations on the scope of use and safety requirements for smooth stone products in the standards and construction specifications of stone materials, manufacturers of stone products put forward suggestions from the perspective of using smooth stone materials in certain places: potential safety hazards may arise , The glossy stone products that caused the accident were changed to matte surface products; anti-slip measures, anti-slip means, and anti-slip signs were added to improve the safety of product use.

After all, this society has become a people-oriented world, and stone products should also be made from a people-oriented point of view, to comprehensively improve the safety of stone products, to ensure that stone products will not cause any harm to people during the use of stone products, and to ensure personal safety. 1. It is not recommended to use smooth stone at the entrance of hotels, hotels, and shopping malls: When smooth stone must be used at the entrance of hotels, hotels, and shopping malls, anti-slip grooves should be opened on the surface of the stone, and anti-slip warning signs should be added to remind pedestrians to pay attention to safety. A large non-slip mat is placed at the entrance of the gate. 2. It is recommended not to use smooth surface products for the stairs, and to open anti-skid grooves: For example, the stairs in the subway station, because the subway station is located deep underground, the stairs are long and steep, for safety reasons, do not use polished surfaces for these stairs, and place them on the Anti-slip grooves are opened on the surface.

3. It is recommended not to use glossy surfaces for the stairs of family houses: the space of the family house is small, the steps of the stairs are high and the slope is steep, and it is easy to wrestle. If the surface of the stairs in a family house is in the form of a smooth surface, but if you desert when going up and down the stairs, look at your mobile phone, and look down at the stairs, it is very common to fall, and the consequences will be disastrous if it is serious. 4. It is strictly forbidden to use glossy products in toilets and bathrooms: Toilets and bathrooms are often in contact with water, and smooth stone products are strictly prohibited in areas with a lot of water. Once the smooth stone has water on it, it is easy to wrestle with slippers and bare feet, and it is even possible Throw you a "dog gnawing shit", with your feet on the ground, and you may lie on the bed for the rest of your life.

In this regard, many finely decorated residential projects now attach great importance to it. Steel brush surface rough surface stone and pull groove surface stone are used in the bathroom and shower room to increase the friction of the stone surface and improve the safety factor. If a serious safety accident occurs to the owner of the bathroom or shower, the developer will inevitably have to "walk away without food" and bear huge compensation. However, many large shopping malls and urban complex projects seem to be unaware of the seriousness of this problem. It is very dangerous to use smooth stone in the bathroom.

5. Smooth stones are not used on ramps in public places: when smooth and matte stones are used on ramps, anti-slip grooves must be opened on the surface, and the width of the anti-slip grooves should not be lower than 20mm, and the chute should not be less than 2mm, increasing the stone surface. The coefficient of friction increases the friction and prevents pedestrians from falling. Figure 7 is a photo of a luggage ramp in the Sheraton Hotel in Futian District, Shenzhen. From the picture, the luggage ramp is very slow, but for safety reasons, the designer designed a dense anti-skid groove on the smooth stone surface to increase safety. , to prevent pedestrians from falling. 6. Roads and squares do not use smooth stone: roads and squares have a large flow of people, and when it rains, water on the surface of the stone reduces friction, pedestrians are prone to fall and accidents.

Everything has two sides. When we see the good side of things, we must also pay attention to the accidents that may be caused by the other side. It is man-made. As long as the use plan of the polished marble and the points of anti-slip attention are done, the polished marble is The future of construction and home decoration is still bright.


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