The benefits and precautions of adding ribs to marble slabs

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

After the marble is cut into slabs, the thickness will become thinner, and there will be a risk of breaking during the process of handling and installation. In order to increase the strength of the stone, the back ribs of the marble slab will be reinforced to ensure that the stone can be processed, transported, and installed as much as possible. There will be no problems such as breakage during the process, so as not to cause unnecessary losses and affect the overall aesthetics of the board. Marble decoration renderings However, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Although adding back ribs to marble can play a role in reinforcement and protection, it will produce a stone lesion, and it is also an extremely difficult stone lesion, that is, stone back ribs. rust. The difficult problem of returning rust to the back ribs of stone has brought adverse effects to the stone industry.

Stone back reinforcement is to implant steel bars on the back of the stone, the purpose is to strengthen and protect the marble from breaking during handling, processing and installation. Stone back ribs are made of iron, galvanized, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy and fiber. The iron back ribs are the main reason for the regular rust lesions of the stone.

1. The iron reinforcing bar is eroded by water during stone processing, gradually oxidized and rusted, and then migrates to the surface of the stone through the capillary pores of the stone to form regular rust spots. 2. After the stone is installed, the back reinforcement strip is oxidized and rusted by the acidic water vapor of the cement in the stone base, and migrates to the surface of the stone to form yellow rust spots. The rust caused by the iron stone back ribs cannot be completely cured.

Since the source of pollution is inside the stone, the stone is eroded by acidic substances and water vapor in the base layer after installation. As the water vapor continues to rise, the pollutants continue to migrate to the surface of the stone to form stubborn rust spots. Even if the stone is temporarily restored with rust removal products There are some rust stains on the surface, but if the rusty ribs of the pollution source still exist, it may continue to rust. The rust spots caused by the iron stone back ribs cannot be completely eradicated, so it is necessary to strictly control the installation process and the correct selection of materials when the stone is implanted with reinforcement bars. In order to avoid adverse effects on the stone industry, do not use iron back ribs.

It can be seen from this worthless back rib that in today's information-advanced world, every industry has entered a period of thin profits, and even a little negligence will result in losses. Therefore, all walks of life should properly reserve reasonable profit margins for the other party in order to ensure the quality of supply and provide good service. If you blindly pursue the interests of your own industry and squeeze the other party to have no profit to make, it is tantamount to forcing the other party to do something. irresponsible thing. Therefore, the editor advises all customers not to be stingy in bidding for the cost of choosing good materials for marble reinforcement and back ribs when purchasing marble for decoration.


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