The application of marble screens in home life and the benefits of white marble screens

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

With the development of science and technology, the screen has changed from the original function of blocking the line of sight and wind, through the improvement of the appearance and structure, the effect of sound insulation has been increased. If you like quiet at home, you can choose a soundproof marble screen. The white marble screen can not only prevent moisture and moisture, but also be durable and easy to clean and take care of. It is very practical and ornamental.

Marble screen can play a role in avoiding evil at home. It can reflect each other with European or solid wood furniture, and also complement each other with marble dining table furniture. It becomes an inseparable whole of home decoration, thus presenting a harmonious beauty and tranquility. beauty of. Marble screen styles include hollowing out, carving, lettering and so on. The texture is delicate and natural, and the carving is vivid.

Marble screens are generally displayed in a prominent position indoors to play the roles of separation, beautification, windshield, and coordination. White marble screens are very popular, they look very textured, very luxurious and atmospheric, giving people a romantic and comfortable feeling, and become the most important expressive part of the interior style if you are not careful. The choice of the pattern of the marble screen should avoid using some ferocious animals or some abstract patterns. Generally speaking, the pattern like the screen is best to choose the same style as the family decoration.

If you want to choose from Feng Shui, then it is best to choose the color or pattern according to the owner's horoscope. Marble screens can not only play a certain decorative role in the family, but also can change the Feng Shui layout of the home. White marble and light gray marble, these light-colored screen decorations, can make the whole space more warm and comfortable.

Unlike plastic or metal materials, natural marble screens not only have poor sound insulation, but also have some magnetic fields that will interfere with the human body. Marble screens are naturally environmentally friendly and non-radiative, and are harmless to human health.


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