The advantages and installation process of marble cabinets

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In the decoration of modern kitchens, cabinets installed against the wall have become an indispensable choice, because cabinets not only have powerful storage functions, but also can be used as countertops on top of cabinets, which is very convenient for our daily use in the kitchen. When choosing the material of the cabinet, the public generally chooses natural marble on the market, because natural marble has many advantages such as wear-resistant material, durable, easy to clean and so on. Natural marble cabinets There are also corresponding procedures for the installation of marble cabinets: Before installing marble countertops, the required materials and tools must first be prepared to prevent the lack of materials during the installation process.

Materials and tools required for marble countertop installation include: marble material, hammer (used to remove old countertops), leveling line, silicone adhesive, tape measure. Marble countertop installation steps: 1. Use the prepared tape measure to measure the length and width of the countertop area to be installed, and then consider whether to install the countertop with a sink or separate the sink and the countertop according to the actual situation. 2. Move the prepared marble to the area to be installed. If the marble countertop is dirty or dusty, clean it up.

3. The new countertops are ready, so you can start to remove the old countertops and sinks. This step requires attention: If the cabinets at the countertops will not be replaced and will continue to be used, then when removing the old countertops and sinks, ensure the integrity of the cabinets. Of course, if the situation allows, you can start removing the old countertops and sinks a few days before installing the new marble countertops, and remove the waste by the way.

4. After the installation area is processed, you can start to install the new marble countertop. Note that there is no need to apply any glue in this installation step. After installation, test the installation effect to see if the installation is suitable. If the shape of the area where the countertop is installed is not a complete square or rectangle, then the new countertop may need to be trimmed and perfected after installation. 5. After installing the new marble countertop, the next step is to install the backsplash, and make sure that the backsplash is tightly combined with the wall. If there is a gap in the middle, necessary adjustments need to be made.

6. When all areas and corners are checked and there is no problem, you can use the clean silicone adhesive prepared before. Note: The silicone adhesive used here can be light-colored, and its cleanliness is guaranteed. Because after the adhesive is dried, its color will be displayed through the marble, and the light color itself is not obvious, which can ensure the surface aesthetics of the marble.

7. After all the processing is completed, let it stand for 8 hours, and then check to see if the countertop has been evenly fixed on the cabinet. Remember, you must wait until the marble countertop is completely fixed, otherwise it cannot be put into use! The above is the relevant introduction about "marble countertop installation", I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Remember, you must wait until the marble countertop is completely fixed, otherwise it cannot be put into use! Marble has always been the choice of home decoration among stone materials.

A beautiful and durable marble cabinet is what every homeowner deserves.


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