Teach you to solve the rare problem of marble staircase maintenance

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As an indoor structure integrating functions and decorative effects, marble stairs have always been highly valued by people. In home decoration, if you want to have exquisite stairs and make the spacious living room of a mansion unique, then the surface should be smooth and delicate, with natural texture. The smooth marble staircase will surely make you fall in love at first sight. Moreover, marble stairs not only have a decorative effect, but more importantly, their durability. Marble has always been a good material for floor slabs. Exquisite marble staircase decoration renderings Since marble staircases have so many advantages, and there are many people who choose marble staircases, the cleaning and maintenance of stone staircases will become a common problem. Stone staircase steps are small in size and special in location There is no good space for people, personnel and machinery to display, so it is a troublesome place in maintenance.

What are the particulars about the maintenance of this position, and what problems need to be paid attention to? The editor will share some tips. Stair maintenance, clean and tidy is the most important thing, and don't deliberately pursue high gloss. On the one hand, this is determined by the operating environment of the stairs. Workers and machinery cannot perform well in the narrow environment and various lines; the anti-skid process of the stairs and the problems they bring. In order to prevent slipping, the stairs are generally made with cards Grooves and other processes.

Generally, there are the following types: 1. Inlaid with copper strips 2. Open anti-skid grooves 3. Use singeing surface 4. Use anti-slip stickers. one. How to keep it clean and tidy? Some suggestions will be given later. Several tips for stair care Due to these characteristics of stair treads, special attention should be paid to several points such as anti-slip and anti-fouling during maintenance.

Here are a few key points and skills to share: 1. Selection of machinery The maintenance of stair stone was originally a special machine called stair crystal surface machine. But in actual use, there are certain problems in this kind of machinery. On the one hand, the stair machine is relatively heavy, and it is easy to hit the baffles and pillars on both sides during operation.

And these places are often where the stairs are the most distinctive and have the most decorative effect. For example, delicate columns are easily damaged, as are the wood baffles, glass baffles, and stone baffles on both sides. On the other hand, the stair machine can only deal with the surface of the board, and the facade and lines cannot be dealt with.

Therefore, we recommend using a portable polishing machine for processing. First, it is light and easy for workers to control; second, it can also handle lines and facades. 2. The choice of maintenance materials For stair crystallization maintenance, anti-skid must be considered. Do not use materials with a high wax content. After these materials are maintained, the stone will become very slippery and it is very dangerous to use on stairs.

It is recommended to use some maintenance materials with high density, such as the use of crystal surface paste sealing glaze technology, its high-density silicon dioxide component, the protective layer formed on the surface, anti-fouling and anti-skid, in the frequently used areas such as stairs, it is the best choice Nothing better than material. 3. Stair protection must be in place. The reason why the protection of stair stone is important is that the environment of the stair is narrow, and various anti-skid treatments make it easy to hide dirt.

However, adequate protection and antifouling treatment can be used if possible, so that it is easy to clean and maintain its decoration and functionality for a long time. 4. Focus on the side of the handrail Because people are used to holding the handrail up and down, the stairs on the side near the handrail are the most heavily used. Various problems such as scratches, abrasions, and breakages generally occur on this side.

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on this side during maintenance. During maintenance, crystallization or glaze sealing can be done several times on this side, which can offset the stone consumption caused by heavy use to a certain extent. Do it several times in the handrail area.

Stair anti-fouling skills, for the anti-slip treatment process on the stair steps, we can also have the following skills to deal with: 1. For rough stone: if the stair steps use rough stone, the uneven surface is easy to hide dirt Nurgle, and not easy to clean. Therefore, it is recommended to use surface sealing film-forming stone protective agent for treatment, such as mercerized sealant. Brush the sealed film-forming stone protective agent onto the surface of the stone through a brush, which can have an anti-fouling effect; the difficulty of subsequent cleaning is greatly reduced.

2. Anti-skid groove stairs: anti-skid grooves, and places that are not easy to clean. The solution is still to use surface sealing film-forming protective agents, such as mercerized sealant, to fill the grooves. Step 1: Clean the grooves.

Step 2: First isolate the groove area with textured paper. Step 3: Use a brush to apply a sufficient amount of mercerized sealant to the groove (you can apply more), and wait for the protective agent to dry and dry. The advantage of mercerized sealant is anti-fouling and anti-slip, and the treated anti-slip groove can be clearly displayed, giving people a sense of psychological security.

Regarding the maintenance and maintenance tips of marble stairs, the editor will share here. Through the maintenance skills in the article, I hope to help you solve the rare problems of marble staircase maintenance.


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