Teach you to distinguish natural marble and granite

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Natural marble and granite, as two commonly used stone materials in the building materials market, are not only often used in large quantities in large-scale projects, but also account for an increasing proportion in home decoration, but many customers are concerned about these two common stone materials. I don't know very well, and I don't know how to distinguish the two kinds of stone materials. Let's compare and distinguish the two kinds of stone materials from the three aspects of appearance, material and price. Natural marble pattern Granite pattern From the appearance, natural marble is a metamorphic rock. The texture of the stone surface is natural, and the pattern changes are rich and colorful. Granite is a kind of igneous rock, and the pattern on the surface of the finished plate is spot-like, without obvious pattern forming, and the pattern on the surface of the plate is relatively simple.

From the material point of view, granite is a medium-hard stone. Its advantages are wear resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong resistance to wind and sun. It is often used for outdoor decoration. The spotted pattern slate bricks we often see on outdoor roads are granite. . Relatively natural marble is a kind of soft stone with strong jade texture. The stone is fine in texture and easy to process. After polishing, the surface can be as smooth as a mirror. It is mostly used in indoor office buildings, hotels, hotels, and home furnishing. In the field of art decoration There are also a wide range of applications, and various exquisite marble background walls and marble handicrafts are very popular in the market. Natural marble and granite are different in appearance, material and use, and naturally there are huge differences in price. Granite has a single pattern, less color change, and weak decoration. For outdoor project decoration, the market price of granite ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan, depending on the material and process.

Natural marble, because of its smooth and delicate material, rich and colorful texture patterns, and excellent interior decoration, the fluctuation in price is very large, and hundreds of yuan can be separated from the material, pattern, and pattern. Prices ranging from several thousand dollars. After comparing the differences in the appearance, material, and price of the two stone materials, we can easily distinguish the two stone materials, so that customers have a clear understanding of the specific functions of the two stone materials in engineering decoration. When you know the stone, you can know it well.


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