Take you to appreciate the ancient marble production method

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In the fast-paced modern life, there are some people who like antiques, old houses, the vicissitudes of history and the sense of precipitation. When using stone for home decoration, they also like to use stone that has been treated with old age. The effect is like living in a house full of historical charm. After the stone is treated with old age, it can give people a different vicissitudes of beauty, which is also a special means for the stone culture to be displayed. But how can a new stone product be made to look like it has been hundreds or even thousands of years old? The pictures of antique stone carvings are as follows. The editor will introduce some methods of making old stones: 1. Paint the stone surface with a specially prepared nitric acid solution or hydrochloric acid solution, corrode the stone surface and put it in the open air in summer for a period of After time, it will be similar to cultural relics.

Because the reaction of nitric acid solution or hydrochloric acid solution is black and shiny, and the surface is wrinkled, it shows a sense of age. 2. Bake the stone carvings with fire, apply alum water and loess mixture on them, and make cultural relics after drying. 3. Boil the stone carvings in smoky water or gamboge with a little alum, and take them out after a few days. After drying, they will show the color of iron filings and rust.

4. Smoke the stone carvings into a layer of embryos with special spices, place them in a sunny place, and spray water several times a day. After a few months, brush off the floating dust with cold water. The remaining smoked glaze and the condensation products of stone carvings are slightly different from the real loess rust, which looks very old.

5. Apply "potassium permanganate" boiled water to the stone carvings. According to the color depth requirements, rinse the floating color on the surface with clean water, and then wipe it with a little yellow mud to achieve the antique effect. It needs to be known here that the rust of real stone carving cultural relics is not easy to peel off when it is brushed with alkaline water. If the fake rust is realistic, but the rust will no longer exist if it is brushed with alkaline water.

6. Use an oxygen gun for burning treatment. According to the texture of different stone materials, the burning time ranges from 4-9 seconds. The distance between the oxygen gun and the surface of the stone carving is controlled at 6-11cm. The burnt area of ​​the stone carving reaches 75 After -95%, it is cleaned with an iron brush, polished with a brown hair machine depending on the degree of newness, and then coated with old tea juice, ink, and rust juice, and then waxed after drying until it meets the antique requirements of the stone.


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