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There are many types of stone railings, and various stone materials can be made. The common stone railings on the market include bluestone railings, white marble railings, and granite railings. Among them, the marble railings made of Foshan white marble are the most prominent. They are fashionable, environmentally friendly, and anti-aging. advantage. When we mention stone railings, we will think of layers of jade railings symbolizing auspiciousness or majesty in temples or outside the Forbidden City of the Temple of Heaven. In fact, stone railings are one of the most common components of traditional Chinese ancient buildings. Whether it is a pavilion, a small bridge or a pool, stone railings are inseparable. Especially in garden landscapes, stone railings are even more indispensable. element.

With the evolution of Chinese architecture itself, railings have also developed from simple styles to rich and varied carving styles, and have achieved extremely high artistic achievements. Practical uses are also endowed with rich connotations, which are inextricably linked with us. Regarding the actual use of stone railings, Mr. Liang Sicheng said in his article "A Brief Introduction to Stone Railings": Buildings, corridors, ladders, or other obstacles on the edge of buildings at the heights to prevent people from falling, are usually about half the height of a person. , The railing itself has no load on the building. Its function is to prevent people from moving forward or falling, but it is limited to a small block of the front scenery.

For the stone railings in life, it is not just an obstacle. People often endow the railings with specific meanings and aesthetic values. Stigma etc. The railings are also carved with patterns of flowers, birds, animals, auspicious patterns, or traditional myths and legends. The stone railings used in temples are often carved with Buddhist auspicious patterns.

The Foshan white natural marble of Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. is environmentally friendly and has no radiation, unique texture, rich colors, and high cost performance. The company also produces various special-shaped handicrafts for users with special needs. MoCo Marble Tiles pursues excellence and is committed to creating the most A well-known competitive stone company.


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