Stone selection: black and white gray marble is the popular marble this year

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The melodies launched by exhibitors at major stone exhibitions this year are mainly black and white gray marble. Various types of black marble, white marble, and gray marble have appeared in major stone exhibitions. Many designers followed suit, and the effect of various black, white and gray marble collocations attracted the attention of many designers and customers. The gorgeous decoration effect experience perfectly shows the existence of black, white and gray marble.

What are the main varieties of black and white gray marble; black marble; black and white root marble, black gold flower, Foshan black, China black and other black and white root marble white marble; , large white, snow white, medium white, fine white, fish maw white, Yugoslavia white, Carrara white, Greek white, crystal white, etc. Foshan white marble railing gray marble; Athens gray, Earl gray, Bruce gray, Yundola gray , Angie gray, Hermes gray, Foshan gray, Cartier gray, Yabo gray, Romantic gray, Turkish gray, Persian gray, etc. Earl gray marble Of course; there are other varieties at the stone exhibition that are also very popular, such as landscape painting backgrounds Wall marble is such a high-end stone material at such a price. Judging from the exhibitions of various stone exhibitions, exhibitors from all over the world display the most white marble. White marble is still the most sought after stone in the market, and it is also the stone that designers love.


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