Stone is also afraid of the cold, and stone should also be protected in winter.

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

For stone people, the problem of stone care in winter is a difficult problem that cannot be circumvented. As the weather turns cold, outdoor operations are difficult to carry out, and ongoing nursing operations often encounter some problems, such as protective construction, refurbishment, etc. Ineffective crystallization treatment, freeze-thaw phenomenon, etc. Marble stone maintenance pictures The low temperature in winter directly affects the effect of protective construction. So, how to do a good job in stone maintenance in winter? 1. Winter stone care often requires waterproofing treatment, anti-pollution treatment and other protective projects, but coating protection operations require appropriate temperature. After the protective coating, the stone needs to be kept healthy, and the protection plays a real role.

At room temperature and humidity within 70%, the protection and health preservation time needs 48 hours. And every time the temperature drops by 10 degrees, the protection and health maintenance needs to increase by 2-4 times. Because it takes too long to maintain health, it is not recommended to carry out protective construction in cold winter, especially in environments below 0 degrees.

2. We know that the low temperature environment will affect the effect of stone recrystallization treatment. Stone recrystallization treatment is a chemical reaction of the crystallization agent under professional equipment polishing, and the crystal lattice on the stone surface is reorganized to form a stronger and more stable chemical composition. The chemical reaction requires a suitable temperature, and the effect and efficiency of stone crystallization at room temperature are relatively good. Friends in the stone care industry may have encountered this situation: the floor heating stone is paved underneath, the surface tends to dry out during polishing, and it is not easy to throw good results.

In the cold north, polishing the stone near the glass curtain wall will not show the effect of the stone surface. This is mainly because the temperature next to the glass is low, which affects the chemical crystallization reaction of the stone. 3. The low temperature will also cause the freeze-thaw phenomenon of the stone. The freeze-thaw phenomenon is that when the winter is cold, the inside or surrounding of the stone gap freezes, resulting in expansion. The stress caused by the freezing of water in the stone pores is one of the reasons for the cracks in the stone.

Those who understand the principle of physical and chemical know that the smaller the pore size of the stone, the lower the vapor pressure of the water in the hole and the lower the freezing point. In some extremely fine micropores, the freezing point of water can drop by tens of degrees Celsius. Therefore, stones with smaller micropores are not easily damaged by freezing, while some stones with larger pores, such as resplendent and golden flower beige, are easily damaged by freezing.

In order to avoid and reduce the damage to the stone surface due to freezing and thawing, for stones that are often exposed to water indoors and outdoors, we must do protective treatment in advance to prevent the stone from absorbing a large amount of water and causing the stone to freeze. 4. After the snow falls, it is necessary to do a good job in preventing the impact of the snow melting agent on the stone. In order to prevent slippery roads or quickly remove snow, industrial snow melting agents are often sprinkled on the road. Deicing agent is a kind of chemical agent that can reduce the melting temperature of ice and snow. The main ingredients are potassium acetate and chloride salt.

Commonly used deicing agents are generally inexpensive chloride salts, which are corrosive to asphalt roads. The deicing agent sprinkled on the road is brought to the stone floor of the building hall by the pedestrian's shoes, which will corrode the stone floor and cause the ground to lose its luster. In response to this situation, we need to pave the outdoor wiper mats in advance, and the indoor stone floors should also be paved with water-absorbent mats to make a good defense system.

After the ice and snow melt, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the hall floor in time, remove the residual snow melting agent, and do a good job of crystallization and polishing on the stone surface. To use a vivid analogy, people need to add clothes to keep warm when it is cold, and stone is also alive. It will also feel cold. In the cold winter season, we have to put on a warm "coat" for the stone in time.


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