Stone Cube teaches you how to distinguish natural marble from marble tiles

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The main difference between natural marble and marble tiles is; natural marble belongs to stone, and marble tiles belong to ceramic tiles. Natural marble belongs to genuine products, and marble tiles belong to high imitation series. So what is the obvious difference between natural marble and marble tiles? 1. Green and environmental protection. In terms of environmental protection and health, the main components of imitation marble tiles are mostly granite or marble gravel as fillers, cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as adhesives, and are stirred, ground and polished. After it is made, various chemical substances are more or less doped in the production process.

Marble belongs to sedimentary rock, mainly composed of carbonate minerals. From the analysis of the geological process of marble formation, the formation of natural marble is not directly related to radioactive substances. Through precise cutting, grinding and polishing, etc., the 100% pure stone of nature will be displayed in front of you. It is green and environmentally friendly, and has extremely low harm to the human body.

2. Irreplaceable quality In the process of application, imitation marble tiles look similar from a distance, but lack charm when viewed up close, and even traces of artificial printing can be seen. The texture of natural marble is very good, even if you study it carefully with a magnifying glass, you will find it pleasing to the eye, showing the splendor of nature delicately and clearly. Luxurious atmosphere, natural and flexible lines, natural texture, and more pursuit of natural beauty.

It is this natural existence that is incomparable to man-made materials. This is why there are no traces of high imitation marble tiles in high-end places. How can consumers who really understand taste allow the existence of high imitation. If a mansion lacks marble, it may also lack the grandeur.

Natural marble is cut from the unique off-white marble in the world. Each piece of marble has an independent "ID card", an irreproducible pattern, and an irreplaceable jade texture. 3. Its texture is irreplaceable. The industrial products produced by the assembly line such as imitation marble tiles cannot escape the imprint of machine operation in the end, because two out of every nine tiles are 99% highly similar. The operation process of the so-called "Dali imitation tiles" is a naked re-engraving process. Select high-quality and beautiful marble for high-precision scanning to obtain surface patterns, and then copy them on the tile body through industrial inkjet printing technology, thus forming a surface. Tiles with a texture similar to marble.

However, this texture is destined to be dull and lifeless. The beauty of marble is firstly reflected in its unique natural texture, and every fine line and every mark bears the trace of the evolution of nature. Whether it is a fossil or an ordinary marble, its formation process , have an extraordinary past, or tragic, or soothing, or tranquil, will be reflected in the lines. 4. Long service life and strong plasticity Looking at the buildings with a long history at home and abroad, from ancient Greek and Roman temples to medieval European noble castles, most of them are related to marble.

The texture of imitation marble tiles lies in the glaze on the surface, which cannot be repaired after wearing and tearing, and can only be completely removed and re-paved. Natural marble can still keep the pattern beautiful after processing such as wire drawing and chamfering, but after the imitation marble tile removes the surface pattern, the exposed embryo body affects the overall appearance. At the same time, marble can not only be used for basic decoration such as flooring and wall covering, but also can be made into bathroom products, coffee tables, kitchen countertops, art decorations, and even dining tableware and so on.

In the hands of designers, marble has evolved into a material, and driven by creative inspiration, it has been polished into various objects closely related to life. Marble tile effect Natural marble effect.


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