Small common sense of natural marble maintenance


Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The main minerals of marble are calcium carbonate and dolomite, and the particles on the surface can be clearly seen after polishing. Calcium carbonate is easy to interact with carbon dioxide, carbide, sulfur dioxide, and water vapor in the atmosphere, and it is also easy to weather and dissolve, making the surface lose its luster quickly. So how should marble be maintained? Generally speaking, marble is mostly used for interior decoration. Although the chemical composition of marble is stable, as long as the surface crystal is weathered, it is easy to harden with sulfur dioxide and other non-ferrous metals in the air, making the marble yellow or discolored.

As long as the surface of the marble is bright and shiny, the stone is not easy to chemically react with water, and because some marble is more permeable, water can easily penetrate into the surface of the board. Many home decoration chooses to use natural marble to install the bathroom. Water penetrates into the marble and the gloss of the stone Brighter and more transparent, the stone will return to its original color after the water dries. Marble is most afraid of colored stains. The marble material used for the dining table must be scrubbed in time to ensure that the stains do not penetrate into the stone. Another is afraid of knocking. If the marble is knocked by a hard object, the surface crystals may be broken. Do not use metal cleaning objects to scrub the marble. You can also add a layer of protective wax to block the surface of the marble to ensure that the stains cannot penetrate into the interior.


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