Sichuan White Natural Marble Origin


Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The most famous type of white natural marble is Beijing Fangshan white marble. However, the output of white marble is small after all, and it is difficult to control the exploitation of resources to meet the market demand. Merchants are investing in the emerging Baoxing white, Dongfang white, and Foshan white. Baoxing white marble is produced in Baoxing County, Ya'an, Sichuan, so it is called Baoxing white. The ore belt starts from the Huangshui River in Lushan County in the northeast and ends in Longdong Town, Baoxing County in the southwest. The total reserves of C+D+E grades are 71.56 million m3.

The large ore bodies are relatively concentrated in the area from Guobayan to Huaxi Shanzhuang, from the northeast to the Yellow River, and to the southeast to Longdong. "Dongfangbai" is produced in the Longdong mining area. The ore body tends to become thinner from the surface to the depth.

Blue-and-white marble is mainly produced at the top or bottom of "Baoxingbai" marble. Geological work submitted geological reserves of C+D+E grade 199.96 million m3. Baoxingbai is a high-end decorative stone that is second only to white marble in my white marble. Baoxing white has fine texture, good crystallization, whiteness over 95%, and only fine transparent gray lines.

Oriental White is somewhat similar to my country's Foshan White, mainly with gray patterns on a white background. Oriental White is produced in the mining area of Baoxing County and belongs to the low-end white marble material. Foshan white marble belongs to the middle and low-end marble. The main advantages are high luminosity, large resources, and low price. It is very suitable for engineering panels, semi-finished square materials, and tabletops. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles has been focusing on Foshan white marble for 12 years, and has 12 marble mines. From raw materials to finished products, factory direct sales.


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