Several misunderstandings about natural marble radiation

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Although marble decoration is the material of choice for high-end decoration today, some people still have praise for the radiation problem of natural marble. Where does the radiation of natural marble come from? Where did the rumors spread that natural marble has radiation and is harmful to the human body, which is not conducive to home decoration? As early as 2008, the American Marble Association conducted an authoritative test on all imported and domestic marble and granite, and the test results showed that natural marble and granite are not harmful to human health. Subsequently, the China Stone Association published the "White Paper on Natural Marble in China" based on the statistics of China's natural stone, and it was sufficient for testing. The white paper clearly indicates that Chinese natural stone (marble, granite) is an environmentally friendly and healthy building material, and no test report is required for engineering decorative stone.

Even an authoritative report can't stop the public, especially the competitors of natural marble. Both natural marble and granite are the mainstream decoration materials today. More and more decoration materials are replaced by marble and granite. Marble and granite have the advantages of good decoration effect, long service life, not only beautiful but also practical. It is a competitive teammate of many decoration materials.

Many sellers of ceramic tiles will say that marble has radiation, and it is healthier to use ceramic tiles, but they do not know that the radiation of marble is lower than that of ceramic tiles. In order to expand the market, ceramic tiles have also released a marble tile. Selling tiles under the name of marble, but secretly saying that marble has radiation. Marble has radiation regardless of any substance, but whether the level of radiation is harmful to human health, according to the marble white paper report, the radiation of natural marble is lower than that of ceramic tiles and wooden tables.


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