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When choosing marble decoration materials, most people will choose white marble, not only because white is beautiful, atmospheric, and clean, but also because of its high gloss ratio. White marble for interior decoration with lamps can make the room bright, clean, and great mood for pleasure. The level of marble gloss mainly depends on two aspects. 1. The polishing equipment process factors used. If the stone itself is not considered, of course, the better the equipment process, the brighter the gloss of the polished stone. As far as the polishing process is concerned, the impact The main factors of stone gloss are polishing liquid and polishing abrasive. Process parameters include concentration and supply of polishing agent, pressure and line speed during polishing, etc.

Before the concentration is less than a certain value, the polishing speed increases with the increase of the concentration of the polishing agent. After the concentration reaches the maximum, if the concentration is increased, the polishing speed decreases instead. Similarly, when the supply of polishing agent is at a certain value, the polishing speed is the highest, and if the supply continues to increase, the polishing speed will decrease instead. Appropriately increasing the pressure during polishing can increase the polishing speed, but if the pressure is too high, the grinding effect will be strengthened, which is not conducive to the formation of a glossy surface.

The polishing speed depends on the rotational speed of the polishing disc (tool), but if the linear speed is too high, the polishing agent will be thrown out, resulting in waste. 2 Innate factors of the stone itself Stones composed of different minerals have different polishing processes. Like the big flower green marble, it is a stone with strong toughness and can be polished, but not easy to polish.

Marble contains a certain amount of earth minerals, which will also affect the gloss of the stone. A typical example is the Hongwan snail in Anhui. The name of the rock is selected layer stone biological limestone.

The boards sawn in parallel planes have flower-shaped bio-patterns, more like mussel snails, which are very beautiful, but because the ore contains a certain amount of clay mineral components, it is difficult to achieve a gloss of more than 85 after polishing. Like Foshan white marble, which belongs to medium hardness. The main component is calcium carbonate. Medium to low, ideal for engineered natural stone options.


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