Reinforcement method of natural marble slab back mesh and penetration reinforcement

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Marble reinforcement methods mainly include back mesh reinforcement and infiltration reinforcement. The two processing techniques can also be used to reinforce granite, limestone, jade and other stone materials. Not all reinforced stones have low hardness. Reinforced marble is generally used to cut into marble table tops. Because marble tables have relatively high hardness requirements, the production cost of marble tables is relatively high. The use of marble reinforcement can prolong its use. life. 1. Marble back mesh reinforcement; back mesh reinforcement refers to the use of high-strength fiber protective mesh, which is pasted to the back of the board through epoxy resin, and the hardness of the board is strengthened after drying.

Since it takes about 24 hours for the epoxy resin to dry naturally, in order to speed up the work progress, it can also be heated by a drying oven, which can shorten the curing time of the back mesh. Back mesh reinforcement object; generally for the marble slabs that have been cut. The size of the marble slab is generally 2 meters × 2.5 meters. . 2. Marble infiltration reinforcement; the objects of marble infiltration reinforcement are marble slabs or marble blocks with lower hardness or more cracks.

The material for infiltration reinforcement is to choose epoxy resin, which penetrates into the interior of the marble through the low-viscosity epoxy resin with good permeability to reduce the cracks of the marble. It is also possible to directly pour epoxy resin into the whole marble block, and the cured marble block is then cut. Penetration reinforcement objects; penetration reinforcement objects basically have some cracks or too large crystal grains.

Whether natural marble is strengthened by penetration or back mesh, there is no harm to the marble itself, and the strengthened marble can still be processed and polished.


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