​Price comparison between natural stone and artificial stone-the master teaches you how to choose stone

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Price comparison between natural stone and artificial stone-the teacher teaches you how to choose stone artificial stone is divided into granite, quartz stone, terrazzo and acrylic. The granite is mainly made of natural stone crushed stone and powder plus synthetic resin cured at high temperature. It is made of crushed stone and synthetic resin cured at high temperature. The production process of artificial stone is basically the same. The artificial stone on the market mainly refers to granite. Quartz stone, terrazzo, and acrylic are all independent. Artificial stone is made of natural stone crushed stone or powder. The price of natural stone is smaller and cheaper, so the price of granite is much cheaper than natural stone. The emergence of granite is to effectively use stone resources. The mining rate is less than 40%, and the remaining 60% is used in the special-shaped granite and railings, which greatly increases the utilization rate of stone materials and reduces the pollution caused by mining of building materials.

The price of natural stone fluctuates greatly; there are dozens of cheap marbles per square meter, such as Foshan white marble, which is not only cheap, but also has a much higher decorative effect than ceramic tiles. It has price and sensory advantages that ceramic tiles cannot overlook. It is also several thousand yuan per square meter of fish maw white marble. The more popular the board is in the mid-end market, the more expensive it is. After all, many people now like to install B. The price of artificial stone does not fluctuate much; the ex-factory price of granite generally ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan per square meter, and the price of granite is determined according to market demand, the level of raw materials, and the addition of technology.

The granite has high toughness, is not easy to be edged and damaged, can be seamlessly spliced, reduces the working hours of workers, and does not require high installation technology. At this stage, it is the material of choice for many shopping malls. Artificial marble background wall is a relatively popular product at this stage. The biggest advantage of artificial stone background is that it is easy to deliver, easy to install, cheap in price, and has a good decorative effect.

Of course, I also want to say here that the service life of granite is much lower than that of natural stone. Heating and damp of granite will cause deformation of the plate, and the deformed stone is extremely ugly. If you consider installing granite background walls and home decoration, you must be prepared It will be refurbished in about 10 years.


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