Prevention and treatment of marble wall color difference

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Nowadays, it has become a trend to choose natural marble that is light, luxurious and charming. Marble not only has better durability, high gloss, natural patterns, more styles, adjustable size, polished sides, and delicate seams, but also It can be polished and made new after a long time, beautiful and luxurious; choosing marble to pave the interior wall to light up life can bring a unique visual feast. Marble wall renderings However, because the slight color difference on the surface of natural stone is still common, if it is directly used for home decoration wall paving without screening, the color difference will appear on the wall after decoration, which affects the overall decorative effect. How to prevent large-area color difference of stone has become a problem we need to face. Usually, people can reduce the bad feeling of color difference of stone through management and control during the construction process, as well as the acquired construction treatment of stone maintenance enterprises, so as to achieve the goal of the project. Best looking effect.

Then the following editor will introduce the methods to prevent the color difference of stone materials: 1. Ensure that all stone materials used are purchased from the same quarry, pre-typeset according to the prior number, and select according to the color required by the design. In the pre-typesetting, the same and similar colors should be arranged together, and some materials with large color differences should be typeset through the natural transition of color. 2. The color difference treatment can be roughly divided into polishing method, color urging method, dyeing method and color changing method.

1. Polishing method: Through the water splashing test, the stone has no color difference or the color difference is not obvious under the condition of water immersion, and the polishing method can be used. That is, use stone polish to polish the light-colored stone to eliminate color difference. 2. Color urging method: For those who cannot be treated with color difference by polishing method, and the overall stone is mostly yellowish, you can try to use stone yellow urging agent for yellow urging treatment to eliminate color difference for light-colored stone.

3. Dyeing method: For the stone color difference that cannot be adjusted by the touch-up method and the color-enhancing method, the light-colored stone must be dyed with a stone dye to eliminate the color difference. 4. Color reduction method: Shidafu stone color reducer uses the reduction principle to reduce high-priced metal ions into low-priced metal ions to achieve the purpose of stone color reduction or stone fading. This method does not affect the stone surface luminosity and stone material, and is an ideal material for stone color difference treatment.

Through the method introduced above, the problem of natural marble color difference can be well dealt with, and a wall with beautiful texture can be paved for home decoration.


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