Prevention and control methods of natural marble erosion by microorganisms such as moss, wall moss, and gourd moss

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Whether it is European style, light luxury, elegant, retro, or new Chinese decoration style, natural marble can be easily controlled. Its unique temperament, soft texture, elegant appearance and elegant style make it an ideal decoration in people's eyes. Material. In today's life, people generally choose to use natural marble to decorate their houses to enhance the style of home decoration. However, after a long time, some microorganisms will often destroy the beauty of natural stone. How to prevent and control microorganisms has become a problem. Frequently asked questions about modern homes. Natural marble decoration renderings The following editor will introduce the generation and control methods of microorganisms: 1. The concept of biological erosion refers to certain lower organisms (such as: fungi, bacteria, bryophytes, etc.) or higher organisms ( Such as: ivy, etc.) attached to the surface of the stone, in the presence of water and a suitable temperature, it begins to develop and grow, causing erosion of the stone and forming various spots.

As a result, it will damage the decorative effect of the stone veneer, promote the differentiation of the stone, and affect the life of the stone. The generation of its disease has the element of following two aspects: 1, water is the requisite factor of biological existence. 2. Specific environment - suitable temperature.

2. Factors for the formation of the disease 1. The growth of bryophytes causes erosion. Such as: ground moss, gourd moss, wall moss, etc. 2. The survival of a group of special organisms in the symbiotic ecosystem of some algae and fungi causes erosion. Such as: lichen, etc.

3. Covering of some higher plants, the erosion caused by the pseudostems attached to the surface of the stone. Such as: ivy and so on. The erosion of these organisms on the stone is as follows: (1) Accumulate moisture and floating dust to pollute the stone.

(2) Secrete acidic metabolites to corrode stone. (3) Absorb light energy and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, and generate carbohydrates to corrode stone. (4) When these creatures die, their biological remains rot and can corrode the stone.

3. Disease prevention and treatment 1. Prevention (1) All stones must be protected and waterproofed on six sides with high-quality stone curing agent before installation. (2) Keep the facing stone ventilated and dry. (3) Avoid long-term infiltration of external water.

2. Treatment (1) Dredge the water source. (2) Remove these organisms with a marble spatula (for smooth surfaces) or a wire brush (for rough surfaces). (3) Use a special cleaning agent to thoroughly clean all the stains, and then use a high-quality stone protective agent to do a waterproof treatment to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Knowing the generation of microorganisms and the methods of removal and prevention can protect and maintain the natural marble for home decoration, and keep the effect of stone home decoration lasting for a long time.


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