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Stone waterproofing agent is a material used to protect stone, and its main components are solutes, solvents, and additives. There are dozens of stone waterproofing agents on the market. In order to facilitate the distinction and correct use, here are a few points: 1. First carefully read the instructions for use, operation methods and matters that should be paid attention to during operation of the selected waterproofing agent. 2. Pay attention to choose the waterproof agent corresponding to the surface form of the stone, and do not use it indiscriminately.

When the types of waterproof agents selected for the waterproof treatment of the front and back of the stone are different, more attention should be paid not to mix them so as not to affect the waterproof effect in the end, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. 3. The ideal working temperature of the waterproofing agent is 5~25~C. Therefore, when working, avoid direct sunlight and keep away from moisture until the waterproofing agent is completely hardened and penetrates deeply into the interior of the stone. 4. Select the appropriate number of waterproofing agent treatments according to the penetration of the waterproofing agent.

After brushing the waterproofing agent for the last time, after 10-30 minutes, the residual liquid on the stone surface should be wiped off. 5. The waterproofing agent should be stored out of the reach of children and others. 6. Before applying waterproofing agent, the surface to be treated with waterproofing should be clean and dry. If conditions permit, the stone to be treated with waterproofing can be spread out in the sun for several hours.

It is very important that the stone to be waterproofed should not have any coating (such as polishing wax, polishing oil and other stone surface treatment agents on the treated surface of the stone). In case of rainy weather, you can dry the surface of the stone with a liquefied gas baking gun or a sun lamp. 7. For large-scale stone surface protection, the waterproof effect of the waterproofing agent should be measured on a small sample in advance to check whether the waterproofing agent will affect and change the color of the stone and measure the consumption of the waterproofing agent.

This is very necessary. 8. The stone surface that needs to be waterproofed should not come into contact with synthetic materials that are not resistant to solvents, such as rubber, paint, or plants. 9. The excess waterproofing agent on the surface of the stone may cause "frost" or "stain" on the stone, so the excess waterproofing agent should be wiped off in time.

10. When applying waterproofing agent, you should wear necessary labor protection supplies, such as wearing gas masks and labor protection gloves. 11. Wash your hands frequently when applying waterproofing agent. 12. Pay special attention when brushing or spraying waterproofing agent, and take a proper rest every 30 to 60 minutes.

Go to fresh air and breathe. 13. When doing waterproof treatment, smoking is strictly prohibited. Because some types of waterproofing agents are flammable and may even be explosive, safety must be ensured.

14. Pay attention to weather changes before and during the construction of waterproof treatment. Rainy and humid weather will have a certain impact on the waterproof effect.


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