Physical and chemical properties of marble and market demand

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Marble belongs to limestone in natural rocks. It is named after the marble mined in Yunnan, China. Its physical properties are plastic and chemical properties are stable. It has always been the first choice for high-end decoration. Judging from historical data, the mining of marble can be traced back at least before Nanzhao in the Tang Dynasty. The Three Pagodas of Dali Chongsheng Temple built in the Tang Dynasty more than a thousand years ago used exquisite marble carvings in the building, and had high craftsmanship. Level. Historical palace tombs, such as the Forbidden City and the Ming Tombs in Beijing, used Yunnan marble in large quantities.

Before the 1950s, the mining and processing of marble remained in the mode of manual production. Until the establishment of a marble factory in Dali in 1953, mechanized production was gradually realized, the variety of products increased, and the technology continued to improve. Its products, in addition to domestic demand, are also exported to Southeast Asia and the Arab market. Many people may have seen limestone as the raw material for burning lime. Marble is made from this ordinary gray stone.

The "hero" who turns limestone into marble is the hot magma underground. When the magma pours into a large limestone rock layer, under the extrusion and baking of the magma, the calcium carbonate particles that make up the limestone become crystalline calcite, and the humble limestone becomes smooth and beautiful marble with clear patterns. . Marble comes in a variety of shades and textures, and its crystal clear white, sparkling with sparkling crystals, is a very valuable building material.

Marble is mainly composed of CaCO3, MgCO3 and SiO2, and also contains a small amount of Al2O3, Fe2O3 and other components. Material reference parameters include: whiteness, gloss, compressive strength, flexural strength, Shore hardness, water absorption, density, etc. It is generally believed that it is a sedimentary metamorphic deposit formed under the conditions of hydrothermal metamorphism and dynamic metamorphism of different degrees in carbonate formations under the influence of magma hydrothermal action.

White marble has the largest production capacity and is also the most popular in the market, especially fish maw white, jazz white, and snowflake white marble, which are often in short supply in the market. The editor here recommends a marble with the highest cost performance-Foshan White Marble. Foshan white marble is the largest white marble mine in my country, with a storage capacity of 2.6 billion cubic meters. It is mainly gray on white background and yellow on white background. It is cheap and has good decorative effect.

Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. is a professional mining and processing Foshan white marble manufacturer, and has 12 Foshan white mines.


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