People's Choice! The unique charm of marble background wall

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

In modern life, people pay more and more attention to the quality and beauty of decoration when decorating their homes, and marble background walls are becoming the choice of the public. So why choose marble as the background wall? Because there are three advantages of using marble background wall. Decoration case of marble background wall 1. Natural beauty, natural texture, strong jade texture, high plasticity, can be carved, and can be processed into any shape; the long process of geological diagenesis has created different patterns of marble, some of which are similar to The water waves flow, some are like famous mountains and rivers, and the changes are amazing.

Natural marble is rich in color, including white, black, beige, green, pink, red and other colors and luster, and it is natural and soft, not stiff, and has very good fusion, which can be perfectly integrated into various decoration styles. 2. Durable Natural marble has unparalleled durability compared to other man-made building materials. As the product of hundreds of millions of years of geological evolution, marble can have a service life of hundreds of years.

Many architectural relics made of natural marble in history have a history of thousands of years, such as Greek temples and the Colosseum in ancient Rome, all of which have a history of more than 2,000 years. The two characteristics of "renovable" and "repairable" make marble last longer and more beautiful, which is not available in any other related building materials. 3. Green and environmental protection Natural marble is naturally formed, just like flowers and trees, it naturally blends into people's home life.

According to the standards of GB2008, GB2010, GB2011 and GB2013, the radioactivity of stone is far lower than that of ceramic tiles, granite, rock slabs, mobile phones, computers, etc. It belongs to the national A-level green environmental protection standard building materials, and people can rest assured that it can be used for home decoration. It is precisely because of these three advantages that marble background walls have become an excellent choice for people to pursue nature and beauty in modern decoration.


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