Origin and price of Ascot white marble

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The origin of Ariston marble is from Greece, and the famous English teacher Ariston is an imported stone. At present, Ariston marble is also produced in Quyang and Laiyuan in Hebei, Cangshan in Dali, Yunnan, Huaining and Guichi in Anhui. It can be said to be domestic Ariston. Regardless of whether it is imported or domestically produced Ascot, there is basically no difference in material, but there is indeed a big gap in price. The main component of Yashi white marble is calcium carbonate, which is crystallized from lime mud on the seabed after high temperature and long time.

The base color is milky white with a little gray texture, the crystals are fine and glossy, and it is mostly used for interior high-end decorative components such as background walls, stairs, floors, bar counters, and handicrafts. Yashibai stone properties Density: 2.76g/cm3 Water absorption: 0.28% Compressive strength: 136.12MPA Flexural strength: 16.3MPA Yashibai marble advantages 1. White color, beautiful texture, good luster and texture. The texture is rare, beautiful and elegant, which belongs to a kind of delicate stone.

2. Good rigidity, strong wear resistance, high compressive strength and good performance. 3. It is not afraid of acid and lye corrosion, will not rust, does not need to be oiled, is not easy to stick to dust, easy to maintain, and has a long service life. 4. There will be no scratches, and it will not be hindered by constant temperature conditions, and its original physical properties will be maintained under normal temperature conditions.

5. Non-magnetized, it can move smoothly during measurement and is not affected by moisture factors. Disadvantages of Ascot White Marble 1. The texture is soft. If the packaging is not proper, it is easy to be damaged during transportation. 2. Due to the low water absorption and low density of Yashi white marble, it is not easy to repair it after damage.

3. Certain Ascot white marble varieties with poor texture have large color difference, and the pattern is too thick or flaky, which affects its utilization rate. 4. The mining rate of Yashi white marble is low and the price is expensive. As there is an origin of Ascot white marble in China, very few white stones are imported, and the price of foreign white stones is also high due to restrictions on mining. At present, the price of domestically produced Ascot white marble slabs is 300-400 yuan per square meter.


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