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For consumers, when buying marble background walls, they all want to buy products with better quality and novel styles, so that they can meet their own needs and ensure the overall effect. Therefore, when making a purchase, you should have an understanding of the specific selection methods. When making a selection, it is usually necessary to understand the specific material, and the corresponding quality of different materials will also be different.

Secondly, we should also know about specific manufacturers. The higher the popularity of the manufacturer, the better the effect will be. Of course, when choosing, you should also have an understanding of the price of marble background walls. The price of different background walls is different, mainly depends on the production process and effect of the background wall. At present, the price of flat magic color on the market is about 250-350, and the price of relief is about 300-500. Some customized ones, or More distinctive patterns may be more expensive.

There are many kinds of marble materials, and their prices vary according to different stone materials. For example: the price of imported marble materials is more than 360 yuan/m², the processing fee is 40 yuan/m², and the labor cost and auxiliary materials are generally 80-100 yuan. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. has its own mine and has been engaged in the stone industry for 12 years. It integrates marble mining, processing and deep processing. The company has passed the national quality management system and environmental management system certification, and has established a complete quality management system and technological innovation. mechanism.

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