Natural marble water jet parquet creates wireless possibilities in the field of home decoration

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

In traditional home decoration, flooring with ceramic tiles has always been the choice of most owners. The main reason is that the use of ceramic tiles is relatively cheap. The price advantage of ceramic tiles is obvious, but there are also shortcomings. What pattern, this caused the ground to be too monotonous, not as good as the natural texture and beautiful texture of natural marble, coupled with the improvement of modern people's living standards and increasing consumption capacity, many owners began to pursue high-end and high-quality decoration. At this time Marble waterjet mosaic technology can fully meet the needs of owners in the new era for high-end decoration. Marble water-jet mosaic effect picture Water-jet mosaic is an exquisite pattern created by people through the conception of artistic materials, using the texture and color of natural marble instead of pigments. It mainly uses the processing materials of stone and its natural and special characteristics. Color, texture, plus ingenious artistic conception and design. Those who have installed the house may have some understanding of this process. Marble water jet mosaic can be used on any stone or flat material to form a special artistic pattern.

Even if you want to customize, there is no problem, and you can basically satisfy any pattern you want. Those who are interested can also customize different patterns according to their own needs and home decoration style. The control is also very simple. It can be cut by itself with computer import, which is more beautiful than manual operation. processing. Subsequent grinding, polishing, bonding, etc., form tiles with strong integrity. Like the previous ones, which may require a lot of manpower and time, and the patterns are assembled by workers piece by piece, water jet mosaic does not need to worry about this at all. Natural marble can be spliced ​​seamlessly.

If the floor of the living room at home wants to have a stronger sense of decoration, marble floor tiles after water jet mosaic, etc., may not be a good way. You can lay them with your hands. Compared with tiles, they are both practical and beautiful. Say. The water-soaked blades carve different textures, and they are repeatedly polished and inspected, just to make every touch feel natural. It is only this meticulous craftsman spirit that can live up to the beauty of natural and luxurious marble.


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