Natural marble radioactive radiation has been exempted from inspection

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The China Stone Association, China Stone Quality Inspection Center, and the National Stone Standard Technical Committee issued a marble radiation inspection report to consumers in various industries. The report shows that natural marble products have no radioactive hazards to the human body. The statement that natural marble has radioactive radiation misleads consumers' purchase choices. Let me ask: which natural materials do not have radiation? It's just whether the level of radiation is harmful to the human body. So does natural marble have radiation? The answer is yes; natural marble has radiation, but its radiation does not cause harm to the human body, and its radiation is still within the safe range.

Not only marble has radiation, but even the cement and furniture in our lives have radiation, but we should not just talk about nuclear radiation, we must use scientific evidence to prove its harmfulness. According to the radioactive radiation detection report of natural marble issued by an authoritative tripartite organization, my country's architectural decorative stones are mainly divided into three categories, Class A, Class B, and Class C. Natural marble and artificial stone belong to Class A (can be used for decoration anywhere), and granite stone belongs to Class A. Class B (can be used for outdoor decorative surfaces), Class C stone (only for outdoor parks and embankments). Tested by the three major stone authority organizations, and broadcast by Central Economic Channel 2, it is concluded that the internal exposure index of domestic marble is 0.02, and the external exposure index is 0.01.

The internal radiation index of domestic ceramic tiles is 0.32, and the external radiation index is 0.54. The answer is already obvious; the radiation of natural marble is much lower than that of ceramic tiles, and it is a natural and healthy decorative material.


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