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Natural marble is mainly composed of calcite, limestone, dolomite and serpentine, and the main component is calcium carbonate. Among them, white marble is mostly composed of dolomite, which is a popular choice for high-end decorative materials. The price fluctuation of white natural marble is relatively large, ranging from tens of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The price mentioned here is the wholesale price, and the retail price and the price of processed products will only be higher.

The advantages of white marble determine the choice of the market. 1. White marble has high luminosity, and interior decoration needs some luminosity to make the room more lively. 2. White marble looks cleaner. 3. The decorative effect of white marble is really good.

The following mainly writes the price list of several popular white marbles in the market 1. Yumai white marble is produced in Italy and the price is 6000-15000. 2. Yabo white marble is produced in Foshan Hechi and the price is 200-300. 3. Baoxing white marble is produced in Sichuan Bao Xing price 260-290 4. Jazz white marble is produced in Greece and price is 180-300 5. Crystal white marble is produced in Sichuan, Yunnan, Vietnam, Hubei and other prices are 140-200 6. Panda white marble is produced in Sichuan and price is 260-290 7. Oriental White marble is produced in Sichuan and the price is 300-420. 8. Rainbow white marble is produced in Gansu and the price is 300-330. 9. Dahua white marble is produced in Italy and the price is 650-1000. 10. Snow white marble is produced in Italy. 300-400 12. The import price of Yugoslavia white is 350-500. 13. The domestic price of landscape painting is large. 14. The import price of fine flower white from Italy is 500-700. 15. The price of elephant white produced in Foshan is 280-320. 16. The price of Foshan white produced in Hezhou, Foshan 90-160 17. Lincoln white import price 650-800 18. White marble from Foshan, Sichuan, Hunan, Beijing, etc. Price 280-880 19. Carrara white from Italy, price 350-700 20. Zhonghua white from Italy, price 380-450 Market The price list of the main popular white natural marble on the Internet is above. It can be seen that the relatively high price in the market is fish maw white marble (6,000-15,000 yuan), and the relatively low price is Foshan white marble (90-160 yuan). Which kind of white marble, the material is similar, the difference is the texture of the surface of the plate. Other white stones are around a few hundred yuan per square meter. The above prices are the prices of semi-finished large slabs. If processing is required, the price needs to be added. Generally, the stone used for the floor, wall and bathroom of a commercial house needs 100,000 yuan. about.


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