Matters needing attention in choosing marble washbasin for high-end decoration

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

In today's era, the economy is developing rapidly and people's living standards are gradually improving. The houses they live in, from the original thatched mud tile houses, to brick houses, to the current reinforced concrete houses, all reflect people's pursuit of living quality. The requirements for the living environment are reflected in the decorative effect and the use effect. Marble is mostly used in decoration, and the use of marble as raw materials can be both practical and beautify the indoor environment. Among the many marble home decoration use cases, marble wash basins are the most accepted and popular by the public at present.

Marble Wash Basin The following is an introduction to the appropriate installation height of the marble wash basin and the precautions for the installation of the marble wash basin: 1. How much is the appropriate installation height of the marble wash basin. When washing your face, it is very troublesome to splash water on your body. Therefore, the installation height of the marble washbasin must be standardized.

The strength of the water flow of the marble washbasin should be proportional to the depth of the marble washbasin. In addition, the bottom of the marble washbasin should have a satisfactory capacity, neither too flat nor too deep, otherwise it will form stagnant water. The height of the marble washbasin device is generally about 80cm above the ground.

2. Matters needing attention in the installation of marble wash basins. The installation of the marble washbasin is also a place that needs attention. Before installing the marble washbasin, make an appointment for the drainage pipe, and deal with the laying of the wall and floor tiles around the marble washbasin. During the installation, you can use expansion screws to fix it. Do not loosen or damage it. Don't hit the marble washbasin too hard. 3. How to choose the washbasin 1. There are many types of washbasin materials, including metal, artificial stone, ceramics, glass and other materials. 2. Pay attention to the size and specification of the washbasin. When purchasing, you can choose according to the size of the bathroom space. If the bathroom space is large, you can choose a larger washbasin.

In general, the washbasin should match the style of the entire bathroom. 3. Whether it is better to choose a pedestal basin or a counter basin, you can choose according to the specific situation. If the width of the countertop is greater than 52cm and the length is greater than 70cm, you can consider choosing a counter basin. If the length of the countertop is less than 70cm, you can choose a pedestal basin. 4. Pay attention to whether the washbasin has an "overflow". If the water in the washbasin is too full, the water can flow into the drain through the overflow, so that the ground will not be dirty or wet.

The above is the editor's introduction to the installation height of the marble washbasin in the decoration and the installation precautions. I hope it can be helpful to everyone who is going to decorate the marble washbasin.


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